Best SEO practice in Singapore 2021

Good SEO practice is crucial for your business if you want to rank high on Google search results and enjoy the explosion of traffic and visitations to your website. The best ways for search engine optimization include site optimization, keyword research, and backlinks.

By following the best SEO practices, you will be laying the groundwork for increasing your site’s visibility in search. Once you’ve finished the basics, you can move on to more keyword research and link-building strategies.

Finding a reputable SEO company is paramount for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence. The right SEO company goes beyond mere optimization, it becomes a strategic partner in navigating the complexities of search engine algorithms.

In this article, we share 6 best SEO practices in Singapore 2021, that you can follow to get high search rankings.

Align your content for search purposes

Search intent (also called “user intent”) is any purpose behind every search intent or query. Understanding and satisfying search intent is Google’s first and last priority. All pages listed on the first page of Google have passed Google’s Litmus test for search purposes.

Top search results are blog posts or videos, not e-commerce pages that sell swamp cookies. Google understands that the people who are offering this particular search are looking for learning, not buying.

One of the best SEO practices is to always keep search intent in mind when creating content for your website.

Add your keywords to your content soon

It’s no secret that you want to use a handful of your keywords on your page. But you may not realize that your keyword space also makes a difference. Specifically, you’ll want to mention your main keywords at least once at the top of your page.

Why does this matter? Google emphasizes the terms that appear at the top of a web page. For example, if the page on the site has been improved around “mobile SEO”. So is needed to mention this term once in the first 25 words of the article.

Write unique title tags, descriptions, and content

Avoiding duplicate content is one of the most important steps an SEO takes to keep in mind.

Google has stated that you should avoid ”duplicate or near duplicate versions throughout your site”. Title tags are clickable headlines that appear in search results and are highly critical from an SEO standpoint.

Meta descriptions don’t directly affect search rankings, but they can affect click-through rates. Avoiding duplicate content is one of the most important SEO practices to keep in mind.

Optimize your Images

Images play an important role in improving the user experience of visitors to your website. Chances are you will spend a lot of time choosing the right images to enhance your blog posts, product pages, and other important pages on your site.

Used properly, images can contribute to the overall SEO of your site and increase organic traffic.

Here are four things you can do to improve your photos.

  • Compress your image: The larger the size of your image file, the longer it takes for a web page to load, so you must compress your images before uploading them to your site.
  • Provide Alt Text for Images: Google has said that it relies heavily on Alt text to understand images. It takes a few extra seconds to write Alt text for each separate image.

Optimize your Site’s loading speed

Google does not usually talk publicly about ranking factors in their algorithms. So when they talk a lot about a particular ranking indicator, you know it’s a big deal. Site loading speed is one of these rare factors.

That’s why it is recommended to load your site as soon as possible.

  • Compress Images: This is a big picture. Images make up the bulk of a page’s size (in KB). That’s why I recommend using tools like Crack in Dave to shrink your image size.
  • Use lightweight themes: Heavy WordPress themes can reduce things. So if you are not optimized for theme speed, consider switching to whatever it is.
  • Use slow loading: Slow-loading images can increase your site’s loading speed by 50% or more. The downside is that users scroll down the page when images appear below, which is not ideal for UX. So this is trade.
  • Use CDN: CDN servers offer images and other media on your site that are close to your users.

Use Internal Linking

Adding internal links is one of the best ways to use SEO. You need to add a link from one page of your site to another page of your site.

Internal links are important because they establish an informative ranking for your website and also help Google gain a deeper understanding of the content on your page. Used properly, internal communication can significantly boost your rankings.

The best SEO practice is to include internal links from the top pages of your site to the pages that need to be promoted.

Use Keyword-rich Anchor text

Google uses your anchor text as an indication of what a page is about. Needless to say, you want to use anchor text that includes your keywords.

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