Best way to transcribe video and audio to text

Transcribing English audio text is the best way to improve Google Search positions and SEO results. If you transcribe video to text, your content will rank higher. Google utilizes transcription results in order to understand and crawl the necessary files’ points. If you try converting audio to text, the search engine will rank and find your site’s content appropriately.

Besides, transcription results give more content for the website users to consume. With professional help, you can get the best transcription. For example, you may use Transcriberry as one of the best transcribers on the market. With it, you will get a premium quality transcribing service for the minimum amount of time and at a totally affordable price.

Speech-to-text software can be utilized on desktops and is accessible on a tablet or smartphone with the help of apps. Such applications are significantly valuable for various customers in various fields, starting from business and finishing with education. Moreover, the technology has improved so well today that you are guaranteed to have even up to 99.9% of accuracy.

However, transcribing video and audio manually might be rather boring and exhausting. Therefore, we offer you an alternative 5 ways to transcribe your video and audio fluently.

What are the 5 easy steps to transcribe the audio and video?

Create an account for transcribing service

The process of registration is quick and simple. Transcriberry is one of the few video transcription services that suggest a free trial plan for the new users. You should not utilize a credit card. The sign-up process will require you to have an active email account in order to verify you are a living being.

You might view the area where you might upload video or audio files on the customer dashboard homepage

Professional services work with various file formats such as MOV, FLV, MP4, AVI, M4A, OGG, WAV, MP3, and more.

Choose the file type, industry domain, and the transcription language

To master the automatic speech recognition quality, you must appropriately choose the proper file and industry domain type. Transcriberry service utilizes speech recognition technology and machine learning algorithms to convert your audio information into text. To better comprehend the domain-specific terminology, the service would apply the domain-optimized AI (artificial intelligence) models to transcribe video or audio files with top accuracy level. If you are not aware of which relevant options for the files you have, it would be better to choose the General type/domain for your information.

Push the “Transcribe” button

Wait while the service will transcribe the files. To transcribe a file completely might take you half of the file length.

Correct and proofread automatic transcription results

There is no software that might do completely accurate speech recognition. It is impossible to even for a human native transcriber. Therefore, there is a proofreading interface to correct and edit speech recognition results. Once you are satisfied with the result, you might export the transcription results in your selected format. For instance, you may save the file in docx, pdf, or txt.

Which of the transcribing services to choose from?

There are many transcribing services on the market. However, you would rather utilize Transcriberry if you are an author, blogger, or podcaster to help you with your meetings, dictation, and podcasts. Also, if you are a reporter or journalist, this service will assist you with your Press Conferences, Documentaries, Video Content, and Interviews. If you study at school, college, or university, this service will also be in handy for webinars, seminars, lectures, and dissertations.

If you want to transcribe your video or audio to text, you might select either an automated or manual transcription. However, it is worth mentioning that the prices for automated transcription are much lower. Nevertheless, Transcriberry still offers a user-friendly pricing policy, meaning that you can afford it no matter how complex your transcription might be.

Why contact professionals now?

Feel free to make a secure and safe order online. You are guaranteed to have complete confidentiality of your sensitive personal data because all the employees sign the NDA. Also, you will get a premium quality service because more than two people are supposed to check your transcription for you. Such companies as Transcriberry promise to deliver the file to you even within the most urgent deadline, which is a big plus if compared to other services.

Go ahead and place your order now! Do not hesitate to make your life easier today!