Best Ways to Track Your Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

Do you feel your marriage is falling apart? Is your wife acting distant lately? You want to track where she goes, who she meets and talks to? One can find almost every piece of information about someone through their phones.

There are various spying software and devices available in the market. These apps can very quickly help you spy on wife’s phone. This article mentions the best tracker app to use while spying on your spouse’s phone.

Spyic – Most powerful phone tracking app

Spyic is one of the best undetectable apps used for tracking. It is compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

It helps you to spy on wife’s phone virtually, with the help of its unique features. Parents, employees, and spouses use this app to keep an eye on someone.

For an Apple iPhone user:

  • It supports all iOS devices.
  • You can monitor the device without jailbreaking.

For an Android user:

  • This app tracks all Android devices working on version 4 and above.
  • For Android devices, keep the app in stealth mode.

However, for an Android phone, it is necessary to install the app on the target phone. Once the installation is complete, you don’t need to access your wife’s phone.

Spyic uses unique tracking features

While selecting the perfect app to spy on wife’s phone, always look into their feature guidelines. Spyic offers all kinds of features that can give you full access to your target’s phone.

1. Track her location anytime

Has your wife suddenly turned very social? You notice her going to a lot of parties lately or staying late at the office. She claims to spend time with her friends (that’s what she usually says) instead of you.

Spyic offers a 24/7 location tracker; its GPS tracking abilities enable you to know the exact location of your wife.

This feature can be helpful to know:

  • Is your wife staying late at the office?
  • How long does she stay in a particular space?
  • Did your wife tell you the right location of where she is?
  • If she is dishonest with you

This app can help you know if your suspicions are right or not. To give you an idea if your wife is seeing someone behind your back.

2. Read her texts without touching her phone

Spyic can extract all the previous and outgoing messages on the tracked phone. You can track your wife’s messages and ongoing conversations with someone.

Spy on wife’s phone with this app and track:

  • All the upcoming messages
  • If your wife is having conversations with someone
  • Even if she deleted those messages, you could track the multimedia files
  • Time and date when a message was received or sent

By simply clicking on the particular contact, you can view all their messages on this app.

3.Obtain incoming and outgoing call details

You are doubtful that your wife might be having an affair. One of the best ways to know that is by checking her call logs.

Call logs can give you an idea about:

  • Who is your wife talking to regularly?
  • How many times does she call someone?
  • How long are her phone calls?
  • Why is her phone usually busy when you call home?

Spyic can help you track your wife’s call logs and determine if your wife is involved with someone else.

This tracker provides the user with all the details of the call logs:

  • Their name
  • Phone numbers of the callers
  • Call duration
  • Date and time of the call
  • Also mentions the type of call it was, outgoing or incoming

One more advantage of using Spyic — if your wife uses more than one smartphone, you can track them all.

4. Monitor her search history

The advanced technology is Spyic helps you view the online activities of your target. Spy on wife’s phone and keep an eye on her browser history and social applications.

Tracking the browser history tells you:

  • About all the websites your wife recently visited
  • All the bookmarked addresses
  • What she searches online

These search histories can tell you what your wife has been up to or what she thinks about, especially when you feel distant from her.

The most used applications on the phone are social apps. Your wife’s activity on these apps can convey her mindset and if she is playing with your heart.

Monitoring a social application can provide you with information like:

  • Very personal conversations
  • Who they searched for on the platform?
  • Who your wife usually messages when she is online on these apps/
  • Her regular conversations with a particular person

Viewing her daily social activity on these apps can help you catch her red-handed. Spyic monitors apps like Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Tinder, Snapchat, and many other applications.

This tracker can help you get full proof against your cheating wife and confront her.

5. Know her schedules in advance

Spyic not only tracks calls and texts of the target phone but also gives you access to other applications.

This tracker allows you to read calendars. Spy on wife’s phone using this tracker, and you can know her plans beforehand.

You wife’s calendar can tell you:

  • What is her schedule for a week or month?
  • Is she planning to meet someone?
  • Her office meeting was at 6, but she gave you an excuse that the meeting was late.

This feature covers everything mentioned in the calendar of your wife’s phone, dates, anniversaries, traveling plans, official and unofficial meetings.

6. Keep a watch on messaging apps

A lot of personal information is available on several chatting applications. Spyic makes it easier to intercept messages on those apps and allows you to read them.

You can access full information from these messaging apps, review the received and sent texts. If your wife is having an affair, tracking these apps can provide full-fledged proof for that.

Spyic also allows you to view all the multimedia files stored on your wife’s phone. You can see if she took any pictures and videos of her lover. Moreover, you can know what she is sharing on these messaging platforms.


The highly advanced and innovative technology of Spynic makes it different and stand out from its competitors. With the help of stealth mode, your wife will be unaware that you are tracking her. This tracker covers itself up in the phone’s installed apps so that your wife never doubts anything.

This app promises safety and security to its users. Spyic never stores any personal data because it has no access to it. You don’t need to jailbreak your wife’s phone for this tracker to work.

You can track your wife using your phone or computer as well. All you need is access to the dashboard, which displays all the data. This data can be approached anytime you want.

Hence, it’s clear that if you want to track your wife’s phone discreetly, Spynic is the best option for you. It is one of the most reliable apps with salient features that provides easy access to data. If you are looking for a customer-friendly and convenient tracker app, don’t waste time go and download Spynic right now.