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Best woodworking projects for advanced craftsmen

All experienced woodworkers can remember how challenging it was, to begin with. Even crafting the most basic item seemed to be a daunting task at the time! Once you have developed your woodworking skills beyond that of a novice though, you may begin to look at taking on more advanced projects. This not only allows you to continue developing new skills but also keeps woodwork interesting for you. At times, this can be easier said than done if you are running a little short of inspiration on what to make.

We take a look at some of the best advanced projects to think about building with woodwork machinery.

Glider / rocker chair for two

One great advanced project to take on is building an outside rocker chair that also acts as a cute loveseat for two people. This is naturally more challenging than crafting a single wooden chair so should really stretch you. For extra visual appeal, why not add in a curved back and rounded arms? As this is a glider/rocker chair, you will also be kept busy making sure the mechanism works as intended when built. If you wanted to get extra creative, you could always include a roof section in your finished design too.

Portable stand for a Mitre saw

Compound mitre saws are great for cutting wood at an angle but can be tricky to use at home. Why not set yourself the challenge of building a portable stand for one out of wood? If you build the design around a long central beam, you can fashion the final product to be as long as needed. If you also build in movable supports and removable leg sections, you can always position the saw to see the cut line clearly. Compared to having to use your mitre saw on the ground, this project will deliver a much better solution all-round.

Wine cabinet with storage

This may not sound that advanced but is harder to make than it appears! Much of this is actually down to the finishing touches you could put in place. The fun really begins once the basic cabinet shape is built with pre-drilled holes on one half for the wine to sit in horizontally. A great idea then is to install shelves on the other half with slots cut into the top for glasses to hang from. If you also finish the cabinet with a wood lattice effect on the half which houses the wine bottles, you will have something very impressive.

A garden pergola

If you want to spruce your garden up whilst also trying out something more advanced, why not build a wooden pergola? These structures are great for testing your more advanced skills and will look impressive in your garden when finished. Naturally, the main concern is ensuring the four legs of the pergola are sturdy enough to support the roof section. This project also gives you the chance to experiment with different design features to carve into the wood and using different cuts when building it.

Get some inspiration for your next project

While the above is by no means an exhaustive list of every advanced woodworking project to take on, it should hopefully get you thinking. Just remember to have the right tools in place before you begin such as woodworking machines and hand tools. It is also essential to plan out the project before you begin building. This will not only make them more enjoyable to work on but also give better results. As you begin to complete more and more advanced woodwork builds, you will soon find your skill level increasing even further.


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