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Better Sleep with CBD Edibles

Millions of people across the world struggle with getting a wholesome and deep sleep. While it’s recommended to get about 8 hours of sleep per night, a large portion of people struggle to even get four hours.

Sleep is vital to making sure the body can recuperate for the next day. The brain needs to rest, the muscles need to relax, and our internal organs need to take a break.

Without sleep, the body cannot do the things it needs to do to get ready for consecutive days of work.

How Can CBD Help Me Rest Better?

First of all, I want to be very clear about something: CBD, by itself, is a poor sleep aid. Many companies are marketing CBD products on their own as phenomenal sleep aids. This is not the case, as several studies prove. CBD, however, can work quite well with other substances to help get you the sleep you desperately need.

This is where ‘sleep’ by New Phase Blends comes into play. This patent-pending, CBD-based sleep aid is a powerful approach to sleep management. It comes in both sublingual drops, and CBD gummies for multiple methods of consumption to help you sleep. Some people prefer drops, some prefer the gummies.

Sleep mixes melatonin with a CBD-rich, broad-spectrum hemp extract. These two natural compounds work in a synergistic manner to not only help you fall asleep but stay asleep.

Melatonin is a hormone responsible for regulating what’s called a sleep/wake cycle. This cycle, in a basic form, is why you feel sleepy at night, and wake up in the morning. Without a properly functioning sleep/wake cycle, you are doomed to receiving poor sleep – night after night after night.

We all know the feeling of getting a little drowsy, but not really being able to fall asleep. I’m sure you may have felt this way after taking melatonin on its own, or perhaps with CBD on its own, too. This CBD and melatonin combination takes things to the next level.

See for yourself just how powerful these gummies are by visiting New Phase Blends’ online CBD shop.

Are These Safe for Nightly Use?

Most users of this product will end up taking it nightly. High doses of melatonin taken daily is not recommended. However, low doses is just fine. These gummies contain 45mg of broad-spectrum CBD and 3mg of melatonin. This amount of melatonin is a very low amount, and users don’t need to worry about taking it nightly.

Remember, these substances work synergistically, so there is no need to pump them full of melatonin. You only need a small amount to get the full benefits of this sleep aid.

All you need to do is eat one gummy about 30mins to 1 hour before you normally go to bed. Get yourself in a relaxed position and wait for them to kick in. Before you know it, that familiar drowsy feeling will begin to happen, except this time, you’ll end up falling asleep.