Biden will call Trump a ‘loser’ EVERY DAY to grind him down and ‘make him go haywire in public’: Inside the new White House strategy to be more aggressive to Joe’s 2024 rival

President Joe Biden plans to taunt Donald Trump every day in an attempt to rattle his rival for the 2024 face.

The aggressive new campaign strategy is part of Biden’s plan to go for Trump’s jugular in the belief that goading the former president will result in him going ‘haywire in public,’ Axios reported.

Biden has ratcheted up the tough talk against Trump in the past few months, calling him a ‘loser,’ comparing him to President Herbert Hoover, and mocking his memory.  And Jill Biden attacked Trump repeatedly on her ‘Women for Biden tour,’ where she ripped into him for ‘mocking women’s bodies.’

The attacks could have an side benefit in addition to the hope of rattling Trump’s cage: they could make Biden, 81, seem younger and feistier as he faces questions from voters about his age.  

President Joe Biden plans an aggressive new strategy to taunt Donald Trump

Biden has made his feelings clear about Trump in private.  He refers to the former president as a ‘sick f***’ in conversations behind closed doors with his close aides and longtime friends, according to reports.

And his aggressive new strategy has already been slowly seeping into the public. 

In the past two months, as Trump has come closer to sewing up the Republican presidential nomination, Biden has gotten more vocal in his criticism of the former president.

While Biden has long called Trump a ‘threat to democracy’ – citing the former president’s actions during the January 6th insurrection – last month he indicated he’s considered punching his Republican rival and noted he has to ‘hold his Irish temper’ around him.

The fighting words came as Biden talked about Trump’s reported comments that fallen American soldiers were ‘suckers’ and ‘losers,’ growing angry as he brought up his late son Beau, who served in the Delaware National Guard in Iraq, before he died in 2015.

‘I have to hold my Irish temper. I’m glad I wasn’t with him. I’m not sure what I would’ve done. He said they’re all suckers and losers,’ Biden said of Trump during an event in Nevada.

Trump is known to have a fiery temper of his own and can quickly pivot to focusing on his own issues instead of riling up his supporters.  At times, during campaign events, he’ll slip into a rant about the various legal cases against him.

The first glimpse of this new strategy could come on Thursday night, when Biden gives his annual State of the Union speech to the nation.

In his remarks, Biden will attack Trump and the ‘MAGA Republicans,’ all while asking voters whose side they want to be on.

This all comes as Trump is on the cusp of wrapping up the Republican presidential nomination after the Super Tuesday contests, setting up a repeat election between the two men. 

The prime time address will give Biden a massive platform before the country, just two days after Trump will speak at Mar-a-Lago following the GOP nominating contests on Tuesday.

Biden wants to taunt Donald Trump (above) so he will 'go haywire'

Biden wants to taunt Donald Trump (above) so he will ‘go haywire’

Strategy comes as voters go to the polls in Super Tuesday contests

Strategy comes as voters go to the polls in Super Tuesday contests

The president has spent the weekend cloistered in Camp David with top aides working on his address, which will be laced with election year politics.  

‘President Biden will make the case to continue to build the economy from the bottom up and middle out that has led to record job creation, the strongest economy in the world, increased wages and household wealth, and lower prescription drug and energy costs – instead of the MAGA Republican agenda: rewarding billionaires and corporations with tax breaks, taking away rights and freedoms, and undermining our democracy,’ said White House Communications Director Ben LaBolt.

The stark choices facing the U.S. will be the propulsive theme of Biden’s third State of the Union speech, his advisers told NBC News.

In his remarks, Biden will ask Americans if they want lower health care costs, democratic freedoms and to keep Ukraine from being swallowed up by Russian leader Vladimir Putin? Or do they want to side with drug company profits, tax breaks for the wealthy and Putin?

The underlying argument will be that Biden is on the right side of these issues, as opposed to Trump.

Biden is also expected to address the war between Israel and Hamas in his remarks.

Many voters are expected to tune into the speech, which is one of the biggest platforms a president gets to speak to Americans. 

‘For regular folks who are not following the day-to-day news cycle, this will break through on [Super] Tuesday,’ a Biden campaign adviser told NBC. ‘There will be a number of Americans who on Tuesday will stop for the first time and really kind of digest that this is going to be Trump versus Biden in November.’ 

Trump is expected to sweep a majority of the Republican primary contests on Tuesday. While he may not win enough delegates to have the nomination outright, the math will make it hard for Nikki Haley to come close to him.

President Biden at least year's State of the Union address, which takes place in the House of Representatives

President Biden at least year’s State of the Union address, which takes place in the House of Representatives

Meaning, Biden’s speech will come as many voters are finally seeing the 2024 contest as an inevitable repeat of Trump vs. Biden. 

The speech will take place in the House chamber on Capitol Hill and the audience will be filled with Republican lawmakers loyal to Trump. Expect them to try and throw Biden off his game as they did last year.

Biden found himself in an unscripted clash with Republicans, when they heckled him for saying they wanted to cut Social Security and Medicare. 

But, if Biden makes a mistake, stumbles or falls on his way to the dais, that could be a political death sentence. 

After the president’s speech, he and his team will spread out across the country to double down on their message.

Biden will go to Pennsylvania and Georgia. Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to  Arizona and Nevada. Other cabinet officials will travel to additional swing states, including Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina and Tennessee.