Big Brother fans reminisce about the ‘best moment’ in the show’s history as ex housemate declares she ‘wanted the ground to swallow me up’


AGE: 50

PROFESSION: Make-up artist 

FROM: Wolverhampton  

TELL US AN INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOURSELF:   ‘People are always surprised when I say I got married at 43. Or also that I’m an ex-holiday rep in Gran Canaria and Menorca.’


AGE: 18

PROFESSION: Youth worker

FROM: London  

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LIKELY TO GET NOMINATED FOR? ‘Being lazy and having an opinion. I’m quite opinionated, I like speaking my mind and not many people like that. I’m quite real.’


 AGE: 25

PROFESSION: Customer support agent 

FROM: Harrogate 

WHAT PART OF THE EXPERIENCE ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO? ‘I’m most excited about being surrounded by so many people from different walks of life. I don’t think I will ever live in a house again with so many different kinds of people. I’m from China and I think it will help me be more immersed in British culture.’


AGE: 29

PROFESSION: Dental therapist 

FROM: Llanelli 

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LIKELY TO BE NOMINATED FOR? ‘Probably just for being annoying. In Wales, we have this saying, “I’ll do it now in a minute.” So like, if I went to make food and I left a dish on the side, I have all good intentions of washing it but I’d be like, “I’ll do it now in a minute,” and it might be three hours later before I do it. So probably for silly stuff like that.’


AGE: 28


FROM: Manchester 

WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH THE PRIZE MONEY IF YOU WON? ‘Pay off my debts and help my family out. I’ve also been saving up to build a park in my village back at home in Thailand because where I grew up, there’s no parks or playgrounds.’


AGE: 24


FROM: Isle Of Man 

HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY DESCRIBE YOU? ‘They would say I’m quite like a lucky person or someone who really wants to experience life to its fullest and do everything that it has to offer. Someone who is kind and fun and doesn’t take life too seriously.’


AGE: 25

PROFESSION: Food writer

FROM: Cotswolds 

HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY DESCRIBE YOU? ‘I think they would say I’m particularly sociable and very chatty. I mean, I’ll be honest, my parents would definitely say I’m a bit of a snob but I take it as a compliment. I think it means you’ve got high standards and good taste. They’d say I was quite a peculiar child.’ 


AGE: 40


FROM: Essex

WHAT MADE YOU APPLY TO BE A BIG BROTHER HOUSEMATE? ‘I love the programme. It is, for me, the ultimate reality TV show ever. I’ve got multiple sclerosis and so the reason why I never applied before is because I always saw those whacking great big stairs to get into the house. It just felt a little bit unachievable because for the first three years of my illness I was in a wheelchair. When I saw it was coming back and searching for real people from all walks of life, I thought, this is my year.’