Big Brother LIVE: The iconic show is back after FIVE years as we meet the new contestants for first time


Here, follow MailOnline’s liveblog for all the updates on the first episode of Big Brother as it returns for a 2023 series.

It looks like the fans are happy to have the show back in their living rooms

Anyone else looking like this this evening?

Housemate number 4: Hallie

Hallie is an 18-year-old youth worker from London.

She might be young, but she says she is a bit of a diva and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

‘I’m quite opinionated, I like speaking my mind and not many people like that. I’m quite real.’

Well if there’s one place you are going to get exposed for not being real it is the Big Brother house under 24 hour surveillance!

Housemate number 3: Tom

Tom is a 21-year-old butcher from Somerset who says his ‘mouth moves faster than my brain’.

Sounds like he could definitely be bringing some drama to this year’s series!

‘I think I might potentially offend some people’ – Could he be the next Nasty Nick?

Housemate number two: Farida

Farida is a 50-year-old makeup artist from Wolverhampton and she has come in with fighting talk.

‘People will nominate me because they feel intimidated by the fact that I’ve got potential to win this, it’s as simple as that.’

She is confident but will the house be what she expects?

Housemate number one: Jenkin

The first housemate is revealed!

Jenkin is a barman from Bridgend in Wales.

The Welshman couln’t seem to believe he was the first in the house and it looks like he is blown away by the house.

He can speak fluent Welsh and rap Cardi B’s album start to finish, what’s not to love, looks like there won’t be a quiet moment in the house!

Big Brother sees it all!

It’s finally time, the house is empty for now but who will be the first housemate?

Not long now, but who is the man behind the iconic Big Brother voice?

He has voiced every series of Big Brother and has therefore become an integral part of the experience.

What do we know so far?

While we know nothing about the contestants, we have been given a sneak peak into the brand new house!

Everything is colourful and brand new, from the hot tub to the bright kitchen and the newly added love nest for those romantic moments.

Check out all the detailes from our behind the scenes tour inside the house.

It’s not long now until the hotly-anticipated series of Big Brother is back on our screens

After a dramatic build up the time is almost here to meet the new contestants in the first episode of the 2023 series.

Before we tune into ITV1 for the first episode check out the ultimate lookback at the show’s most iconic moments in Big Brother history.

Hello and welcome to the Big Brother Live blog

Big Brother is finally set to make its return to screens tonight at 9pm, five years after it was taken off air.

The upcoming series will be the twentieth iteration of the show since it first debuted in 2000.

As new hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best get ready to host the new series fans cannot wait to meet the new contestants.

Stay tuned for live updates of everything you need to know from the launch.