Big Tech in Small Spaces: The Growing Trend of Smart Tiny Homes

So you’re thinking about downsizing to a tiny home? Congratulations!

But as a modern homeowner, are you worried about losing the technology and amenities that come with your current house?

Tiny homes are a growing global market and expected to keep soaring. With this trend comes smart tiny homes that allow homeowners to have the comfort of modern technology, while still saving on cost with a smaller space.

Keep reading to learn more about how to downsize your living arrangements while continuing to have a technologically savvy home!

Motorized Partitions for Smart Tiny Homes

There are many ways you can make a smart tiny home more innovative, and one way is with a motorized partition.

When downsizing to a tiny home, it’s difficult to get used to living in such small quarters. This makes it even more important to optimize the space and make each element of the home more efficient.

Using motorized partitions helps to shift furniture that separates the space. One method of creating an affordable motorized partition is with composite wood. It’s easy to work with and is more cost effective.

WiFi Hotspots and Smart Plugs

Oftentimes, people will live in tiny homes in remote areas. This is one of the advantages of a tiny home – that you can live almost anywhere without heavily disrupting the space. But this makes it challenging to have a smart home, since you might be living somewhere that utilities aren’t connected.

Having a mobile hotspot allows you to bring modern technology and Internet to your home, wherever you’re living. Investing in a hotspot will also enable you to connect your home to other WiFi-powered devices, like WiFi-plugs.

Using WiFi-enabled smart plugs will turn your outlets into smart devices that are controlled by an app. So you could turn on lights, fans, and A/C units from your mobile device.

Smart Home Hubs

Along with having smart plugs, using some type of voice controlled hub will help your home transform into a modern tech zone. Consider a product like the Amazon Echo or other popular home tech hubs.

You can use the voice commands to turn on music, hear the latest news and weather, and they’re small enough to fit easily in a tiny home.

Keep in mind that with any technological update to your tiny home, you’ll need to invest in the right battery, likely a deep cycle battery. But are you wondering, what is a deep cycle battery? Keep reading up on smart tiny home advancements to better understand how these batteries help your tiny home.

Keeping Your Technology in a Smaller Space

Smart tiny homes have become a huge trend, since many people want the economic relief of a tiny home without sacrificing their modern comforts. By using the tips above, you can continue to live with all the amenities and technology that makes your life easier.

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