Birmingham brawl began when men damaged judo expert’s car

  • Violence erupted in Birmingham after two men attacked trained fighter
  • Men alleged to have targeted man after damaging his Audi convertible
  • Footage of brawl shows motorist executing series of kick and punches 

A road rage brawl that brought a busy city street to a standstill was sparked when two men vandalised a judo expert’s car and tried to steal his keys.

Violence erupted on a street in Birmingham, when two men made the mistake of picking on a trained fighter.

The pair are alleged to have targeted the man after damaging his silver Audi convertible, but soon realised they had bitten off more than they could chew.

Footage of the brawl shows the driver aiming a series of kicks and punches at his opponents, before executing a sweep kick, leaving one of the men lying unconscious in the road.  

The driver, a martial arts expert, takes on the two men who allegedly tried to steal his car keys 

A man claiming to be a friend of the motorist said the fight started after his car was attacked by the pair.

He told the Birmingham Mail: ‘The [the two men in the video] smashed his wing mirror and damaged his car they approached him at the lights and took his keys and tried to attack him.

‘He’s an ex judo champion. He’s been to the police station told them the story and has made them aware of his capabilities. He didn’t get arrested and they’re looking into the matter.’ 

West Midlands Police are now appealing for witnesses to the fight to come forward.

A spokeswoman for the force said: ‘It was a road rage incident. There were no serious injuries and investigations are still ongoing. No arrests have been made.’

The fight has been shared on social media and viewed 250,000 times. One watcher said: ‘When a guy starts standing like Bruce Lee, walk away see another day.’

He launched some targeted kicks at the two men on the street in Birmingham

Despite their numerical advantage, the pair were no match for the judo expert driver

One of the men lay unconscious in the road after engaging with the trained fighter 

One of the men lay unconscious in the road after engaging with the trained fighter 

West Midlands Ambulance Service attended after being called to reports of a fight outside Heron Foods and McDonald’s on Bristol Street on September 2 at 13.50pm.

A spokesman said: ‘One man, with no visible injuries was treated and discharged at the scene. He was then left in the care of the police. No one was seriously injured.’

Anyone with information can call police on 101. Otherwise people can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.