Bizarre error on the Cambridge’s Christmas card

The release of the Cambridge’s Christmas card showcased them to be the perfect family their fans expect them to be.

However, fans have pointed out what appears to be a rather major imperfection in the family’s seasonal greeting.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released their latest family portrait, featuring their children Princess Charlotte and Prince George on Monday.

The Cambridge’s official Christmas card portrait was released on Monday, but royal fans claim there is a bizarre element to it 

The portrait, taken at Kensington Palace earlier this year, will appear on Kate and William’s Christmas cards.

However, several royal fans have spotted a rather bizarre element to the otherwise traditional Christmas card.

Several Twitter users point out that Kate, 35, appears to be missing her right arm, which can not be seen in shot.

One user writes: ‘The more I look at this picture the more freaked out I get that you can’t see Kate’s other arm.’

Another began a hashtag adding: ‘#WhoHasKatesArm? Has anyone seen Kate’s right arm? Did she lose it somewhere?’

One user points out:  ‘Where is Kate’s right arm? Can’t be behind the Prince because they don’t show PDA.’

Royal fans have taken to Twitter to point out that the Duchess of Cambridge’s right arm appears to be missing from the shot

Several users tried to offer up explanations as to why the mother-of-two’s right arm may not be in shot.  

Said one: ‘I always rest my arm up the middle of my husband’s back…I imagine that’s where Kate’s is.’ 

Another cheeky user added: ‘Where is Kate’s other arm?!? I can’t think why there is no trace of it unless she is grabbing Wills’ bum. Which, Godspeed, obvs.’

One user even joked that he would start a ‘petition’ to recover the royal’s lost arm. 

The MailOnline has contacted Kensington Palace for a comment.   

Fans took to Twitter to debate the whereabouts of the Duchess' right arm 

Fans took to Twitter to debate the whereabouts of the Duchess’ right arm 

The Cambridges’ photo was shared on the official Kensington Palace Twitter account earlier this week with the short statement: ‘The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pleased to share a new photograph of their family. The image features on Their Royal Highnesses’ Christmas card this year.

‘ The photograph shows The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their two children at Kensington Palace.’ 

The photo shows Prince William, 35, looking dashing in a suit and light blue tie. Kate, 35, chose a feminine peplum jacket and matching pencil skirt from favourite designer Catherine Walker for the shoot.

Several cheeky users offered up a solution as to where she could have put her arm 

Several cheeky users offered up a solution as to where she could have put her arm 

A closer look at the image suggests it was taken before Kate announced she was expecting her third child as her figure-hugging look reveals no hint of a baby bump.

Prince George is seen standing in front of his father, who has his hands resting reassuringly on his son’s shoulders. 

The young prince, who is understood to be quite shy, looks slightly uncertain about being in front of the camera and reaches a hand back to clasp his father’s finger.

Princess Charlotte looks rather more sure of herself. Stood in front of her mother, the toddler purses her lips into an adorable smile and rests her hands lightly on the front of her printed floral frock, which she wore previously during the royal tour to Poland. 

The image, taken by Getty royal photographer Chris Jackson, was released shortly after the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall revealed their Christmas card.