Bizarre moment in Sporting Lisbon-Benfica clash sees referee make interesting new first

Bizarre moment a referee brandishes a WHITE CARD for the first time EVER in a football match in Portugal

  • A referee has made history in a Sporting Lisbon vs Benfica match in Portugal
  • The official showed a white card for the first time ever in the history of the sport
  • It’s part of introductions including concussion subs and longer stoppage time

Fans reacted positively as a white card was shown for the first time ever in a football match on Saturday. 

Red and yellow cards have been an integral part of the sport for decades – but supporters may be surprised to learn about the introduction of a white one as well, along with several new footballing initiatives including longer stoppage time and concussion substitutes.

A referee brandished it during a Sporting Lisbon vs Benfica cup clash in Lisbon at the weekend in a bizarre incident.

A referee in Portugal made history by brandishing a white card for the first time ever in football

Shortly before half-time in the Taca de Portugal match – the Portuguese equivalent of the FA Cup – the official showed the card as she would have a red or yellow, receiving a good reception from the crowd at the Estadio da Luz.

Someone on a bench in the dugout had fallen ill, with medical staff from both teams quickly going to their aid.

And it was later revealed the card was brandished to recognise and hail sides’ fair-play and ethical actions.

And once it was dealt with, the referee took out the card and showed it to members of both sides’ medical teams, with fans clapping in a warm ovation. 

The move is part of a new initiative in Portugal to encourage sides to act in a sporting manner, and receive instant recognition for their positive actions.

Benfica eventually won 5-0 to progress to the semi-finals of the competition, in front of 15,032 fans – a record women’s attendance in Portugal.