BLACK DOG: By George, he’s not impressed 

Despite jetting all the way to Italy to make her big Brexit speech, Theresa May and her Ministers still lack a ‘laser-like focus’ on the issue. 

Who says? Ex-Brexit Minister George Bridges, who is also not impressed with the PM’s hopes that her Government won’t be defined by Brexit. 

‘It’s like Winston Churchill saying in 1940 that he doesn’t want his government defined by the war,’ he says.

Theresa May, pictured, claims she does not want her administration defined by Brexit

Fresh from unveiling himself – with a straight face – as Prime Minister-in-waiting at his annual conference, Vince Cable now plans to gatecrash the actual PM’s get-together in Manchester. 

The Liberal Democrat leader will be at the head of an anti-Brexit march which will descend on the Tory conference, with the 74-year-old rabble-rouser leading the chants of ‘Exit from Brexit’ and ‘Fromage not Farage’.

Talking of Nigel, the former Ukip leader’s ambitions to present his new radio show from inside this week’s Labour Party Conference in Brighton have been dashed. 

His application for a conference pass went all the way up to Jeremy Corbyn’s office but still got rejected. 

Dog hears he is also unlikely to be allowed into the Tory rally the week after. Well, he’s always enjoyed being an outsider.


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As shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry sets her cap at the Jeremy Corbyn succession, has she been immortalised on film? 

In The Party, ice-queen actress Kristin Scott Thomas, portrays a politician celebrating her appointment to a ‘key ministerial position in the Shadow Cabinet’ in what publicists describe as ‘a comedy of tragic proportions’. 

Dog has rarely heard a better description of Corbyn’s Labour Party.

Corbyn is still fuming over how his Election manifesto was leaked during the campaign. 

According to a new book on the Election, Betting The House, by Tim Ross and Tom McTague, when Tory guru Sir Lynton Crosby unveiled a copy at the campaign HQ, ‘the room burst into uproarious laughter’. 

The laughter stopped when they realised how popular the socialist blueprint was with the voters.

Theresa May touched a raw nerve when she mocked union baron Len McCluskey in the Commons for reportedly comparing himself to Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. 

‘Red Len’, boss of giant union Unite, is so upset he has written personally to the Prime Minister to assure her, ‘I would not be so arrogant or stupid as to compare myself with such great individuals’. 

Of course not!

Commons staff trying to withdraw money from a cash machine were surprised to see £200 in the dispenser. 

Half an hour later, a flustered figure rushed up to retrieve his cash – Environment Secretary Michael Gove. 

So much for our money being safe in Tory hands.