Black Friday Shopping In a Pandemic

Black Friday evokes images of crowds upon crowds of people pushing around shopping carts, grabbing things off shelves, and generally swarming stores to get the best deals.

However, this year is different. Safety is the number one priority for many people, and every retailer is doing its best to ensure that this year’s Black Friday goes smoothly. Some of the largest retailers are implementing safety measures so shoppers can get what they want safely.

The whole selling point of Black Friday hinges on two things:

  • Low/slashed prices;
  • A limited window to get the items on sale.

This year is different, which demands the shopper to adapt and take advantage of all the convenient deals available.

People might get overwhelmed by the number of Black Friday deals but there are such services as Promocodius with promo codes from different stores in one place. Several thousand special offers from well-known stores are available and updated regularly. Currently, by the way, there is a Super Discount of up to 90% off for AliExpress, which doesn’t expire until January 2021.

In this article though, you will find out how and where you can shop this year during Black Friday.

What’s Different This Year?

Expect the following things:

  • An extended period during which Black Friday sales will be active;
  • More online ordering and curbside delivery;
  • Social-distancing in the case of retailers who will open their physical locations.

As a shopper, you can get early discounts and ensure that the shopping you need to do is done well before the last minute. Check out what your favorite retailers have, compare them, do all your research, and make sure that you are ready when the sales are active.

Obviously, checking out everything manually takes a lot of time. In this case, using a service similar to the aforementioned Promocodius makes sense indeed. It works in 14 countries already but the list of stores might differ. Promo codes on Promocodius Spain, for instance, are gathered from local stores also.

How to Shop During the 2020’s Black Friday

Even the best shoppers can get overwhelmed these days. Coming up with a great way to get everything will be a challenge. So, how do you prepare for this year’s Black Friday?

  • Do not miss essential ads

The best way to know what is on offer is to keep an eye on ads and what they offer. They will show you the prices, the items you get and allow for comparisons to see who has the better offer.

There are several ways to get deals. You can use:

  • Apps;
  • Shopping extensions that find deals online and;
  • Weekly ads for local stores.

Every avenue that makes sense to you for information about deals should be explored. Not only will it allow you to make comparisons, but it also allows you to know how to plan your budget.

  • Do Your Research Before Each Black Friday Event

Check the deals, compare them, know what you want to buy, and get what you need without giving in to impulse buying when the sales go into effect.

Being knowledgeable will also help you know when a deal is not as good as it looks, and in the long run, your budget will thank you for it.

  • Price Comparison

One of the most commonly used tactics by retailers on Black Friday involves writing exorbitantly high prices, drawing a bold line or X through them to convince you that the new price is better.

Without price comparison, you could fall for sub-par items or buy something for a higher price than you could have if you had compared retailers to see who has the better offer.

  • Early-Bird Discounts Are Your Friend

In a year like this, most Black Friday sales will start early and run long after the Thanksgiving Weekend has ended. Early-bird shopping discounts offer great prices for those who pay attention to them.  You will avoid virtual traffic and crowds on the Black Friday events and save money conveniently.

Early-bird shoppers can get discounts as soon as now.