Boat automation ideas with linear actuators

We live in the world of modern technologies. Automation becomes more and more widespread. In fact, people can automate almost everything. This can better our daily life and make it easier. You may have heard a lot about such kinds of automation as lifts, standing desks, smart house, etc. Have you ever heard about boat automation? If not, this article is right for you! We will give you the best boat automation ideas with linear actuators.

1. Automated boat hatch.

The first automation idea on our list is automated boat hatch. Very often it takes much time and efforts to open or close the boat hatch. So, it will be better to automate it with the help of linear actuators. There are many various linear actuators and you can choose the most suitable for your boat. They are rather cheap and easy to install. As a result, you will close and open the boat hatch by pushing the button.

2. Hidden bed.

In fact, there is not too much space in the boat. But still, all people want to have a rest from time to time. If you place everything you want and need in the cabin, there will not be free space at all. Usually, the bed can take much space. So, that is why it will be better to hide it in the cabinet. You can do this with the help of linear actuators. As a result, you will push the button and your bed will enlarge from the cabinet and vice versa.

3. Hidden TV.

Basically, you will not watch TV all the time during the trip. Sometimes TVs can take much space. Moreover, when there is no free space, you will have more chances to push and break your TV. However, there is a great solution to this issue. You can take a linear actuator and hide the TV in the desk or wall. As a result, your TV will always be in safety and will not take much space.

4. Automated ladder.

The next idea on our list is automated ladder. With the help of linear actuators, you can extend it when you want, and hide it when you do not need it anymore. Your boat will have better look and you will save the space. When you want to buy a linear actuator, it will be better to visit official websites. For example, ( is the best online shop where you can order high-quality linear actuators.

5. Automation of the collapsible mast.

While automating your collapsible mast, you can add the remote control. It will be easier to control it from the distance. Also, it will provide you with quick access for maintenance procedures or quick retraction to avoid obstacles overhead.

6. Hidden table and chairs.

Usually, the cabin of the boat is not as large as we want. That is why if we place all the furniture, you will not have an opportunity to move freely. So, in order to place a big table with chairs, you can use a linear actuator to hide them on the floor or on the wall. It will save the space a lot.

7. Hidden cabinets.

You can use linear actuators to make hidden cabinets. There are many various things you can put in such cabinets. For example, in such a way, you can hide a microwave oven, kettle, refrigerator, etc. As a result, you will have everything you need and have much space as well.

As far as you can see, people can automate almost everything. Today, you can find out many great ideas to use linear actuators to hide everything and save the space. Speaking about the boat automation ideas, we gave you the best examples of how to hide various things to save the space and make the usage easier. Each idea is not too expensive and is easy to make. However, some of them require a bit time and efforts to install. But still, you will be pleased with the final result.