Bookmakers reviews, bonuses and betting tips

Some of the most common betting mistakes are, more frequently observed then one might think. To avoid these common betting mistakes you better try one of bookmakers review and tips online guide, such as betenemy, to help you from the beggining.

Starting off with some of the most common betting mistakes the one that makes it at the top of the list is the fact that people bet on only one book, for example if you have a $100 dollars you should divide them in to three parts or more and put them into different accounts, you can’t just go with what one bookie is offering you.

Key numbers matter often bettors don’t understand the importance of these key numbers, majority of your bets should be straight bets.

Bad money management

People who don’t manage their money well, fail to make profit in the long term. People bet more when they start to lose and pull back when they are winning but the truth is only when you are winning you are beginning to see things clearly that is when you need to push more.

You can’t keep betting if you are losing.

How to identify value bet and what they are?

Essentially if you bet on an outcome that you predict is more likely to happen than what odds suggest you are going to profit more in the long run so, only bet when you see value in the market.

Always be prepared to learn more if you don’t know the intricacies of the betting market then you might lose a lot of profit in the long run so the key is to remain humble and not to be afraid to learn new things if you want to profit more on you bets.

Do what you know best stick to what works for you and what you have knowledge on. For example you may be an expert on the premier league when it comes to football it doesn’t make much sense to switch over to the Danish second division and bet on the team there if for instance there’s a break in the premier league action that’s probably not the best strategy to move forward so always stick to what you know.

Bet the markets you know.

Money management

This is something experts talk about a lot, responsible gambling and being sensible with your bank roll is the key to be able to make profit in the long-term.

Keep record to every single bet

you have placed, this is actually going to help you keep a sounder bank roll management strategy if you keep record of every single bet, you’ll be able to trace your profits and also keep a check on your mistakes. If you’re keeping a consistent record of your bets it’ll be useful as you can avoid a lot of losses.

There’s an art into knowing how to bet properly, a lot of times people have their own methods or systems on how to bet, there are a couple of right ways to do it, and there are a couple of wrong ways to do it.

If we talk about secrets of professional bettors, they will not bet a game after the line is moved against them, bottom line is they don’t bet into bad numbers if the line is moved against you leave it alone and find another battle. Professionals won’t bet parlays on a regular basis; the concept is to make more straight bets and bet less parlays the key is that’s its augmented by a steady diet of straight bets.

The pros are satisfied by a steady rate of return looking always for the big score.

When you are trying to analyze how good a team is or what kind of trajectory they are going to have moving forward a lot of casual bettors tend to say” looks at the finals they got killed” but when you look at the box score the story is completely different, you want to delve in the finals scores but it does not always tell you how good a team is until you focus on the box scores.