Boost Your Shopify Conversions by Installing a Killer Theme

Covid-19 has forcefully pushed countless businesses to draw up new strategies. This includes moving to e-commerce outlets like Shopify to remain profitable.

If you are looking to join the bandwagon and sign up with Shopify, try to go through Ecom turbo review as it is a must-read resource. This treasure trove is all you need to get started today.

What Is Ecom Turbo?

Ecom turbo is a cutting-edge Shopify theme designed to increase your shop’s visibility and increase conversion on your platform. It solves one nagging issue with Shopify, which is the lack of a high-profile theme. It will be of great help if you read the Ecom Turbo review before using it.

Not only does the product boost conversions and sales, but it also saves you money at the same time.

Benefits For Using Ecom Turbo

  • Customize Your Shop As You Wish

With this theme, you will be able to customize it as you wish. It means full control over colours, prices, title etc.

  • Conversion Boost

With this package, you won’t need any other apps, thereby saving on unnecessary fees. It also leads to an increase in conversions.

  • Super-Fast Theme

Ecom turbo is designed to be super-fast. This makes the reaction time on your platform pleasantly fast, resulting in better customer experience.

A slow store will lose you money. Studies have shown that if a store is slow by more than 3 seconds, losses up to 40% of its business. Ecom turbo is designed around this fact by ensuring that the theme will be lightning-fast; almost 50% faster than other themes.

  • Free Ecom Course

As an added advantage to signing-up, you will get unlimited access to a membership filled with tons of useful videos. It includes tutorials on how to set up the theme and life-time theme support.

Conversion Tools and Features

  • Building A Community of Loyal Customers Fast

The platform features a way to offer attractive bonuses to lure business. Similarly, it automates the process of collecting leads for future deals, therefore boosting sales. All of this is 100% customizable to the smallest detail.

  • Built-In Scarcity Timer

This feature saves you money as you no longer need additional apps to do this. Having something on offer for a limited period is a psychological trigger designed to increase your sales.

  • Upselling

You can earn more money via the cash boosting upsell feature. They are usually pop-ups that appear right before checkout. You can increase profits up to 25% once installed into your Shopify store.

  • Custom Clean Footer

A clean user interface generates more sales. Cluttered footers tend to distract visitors. As a result, they are likely to leave your site without making a purchase. A customizable, clean footer will help boost sales. You have an option of two styles to select.

  • Customize A Call To Action

Create attractive attention-grabbing call to action buttons on your product page, cart, and homepage. Call to action feature is an excellent way of boosting your conversion rates. This, in turn, makes more money for you.

  • Urgency Sales Ticker

Urgent sales tickers create a feeling of urgency in your visitors. It’s also an incredible way of boosting your conversion rate. Like everything else on this list, this option is 100% customizable with a wide range of borders, colours, etc.

  • Simple Easy Trust Badges

Upload trust badges that change with the site. This way, you don’t have to add them to every product.

  • Profit Boosting Cart Buttons

Checkout buttons are customizable. They toggle on and off, offering you full control of your store.

  • Build Custom Homepage

Design a stunning homepage that gives you the ability to change text, colour, and everything around it.

  • Custom Related Products

This is yet another powerful means of boosting conversions through creation of themes that match the products.

Other conversion-boosting features within the package include Geo-IP currency recognition and a go directly to checkout option that lets you skip the cart and head straight to checkout. Lastly, you enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee.