Bored construction worker adds a twist to a classic arcade game by using his co-workers’ heads

  • Workers reinvented the old-school arcade favourite using a mallet and hard hats 
  • On a building site in the UK, the footage shows the workers amusing themselves
  • The original video game, in which players had to hit the critters, debuted in 1975

When the boss is away, the workers will play.

These cheeky builders found a novel way to entertain themselves.

Working together, they took the classic game Whack-a-mole! out of the arcade and onto the building site.

In amusing footage one of the British workers is seen attempting to bash two other hard hat-wearing men on the head as they pop out of holes.

Let’s hope the boss doesn’t return and catch them in the act. 

In the original video game, which debuted in 1975, the player has to hit the heads of moles which pop out of holes in front of them.

Near miss: One of the workers narrowly avoids a direct strike to the head. The amusing video was captured on a building site in the UK

They had to use razor-sharp reflexes and solid mallet-skills to catch the critters before they disappeared back down their holes.

In the amusing video, the hammer-wielding worker tries to do the same.

But for the most part he is too slow – and continually misses his co-workers’ heads.

All the while the rest of team are heard sniggering in the background.