Boy blinded by an explosion in Syria screams in terror

This is the heartbreaking moment a young boy woke up blind after being badly wounded by an explosion in northern Syria.

The child, reported to be 10-year-old Abdul Muain from Afrin province, can be heard screaming for his father as he wakes up for the first time following surgery. 

‘My eyes,’ he shouts as the man tries in vain to comfort him. ‘Oh father, my eyes.’  

This is the moment a young Syrian boy, reported to be 10-year-old Abdul Muain from Afrin province, screamed for his father after waking up blind following an explosion

Abdul used to live in Homs but was displaced by the civil war being fought in Syria and ended up in Afrin, close to the border with Turkey, according to AJ+

The website claims he was playing near his family home on the first day of Ramadan when he was caught in a landmine explosion. 

However, conflicting local reports suggest the boy was actually wounded by an airstrike from dictator Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

Pro and anti-regime forces in Syria often make conflicting claims about which side is responsible for atrocities.

It appears that the boy was subsequently taken across the border into Turkey for treatment, where he is now recovering from his injuries.

The boy can be heard saying ‘father, my eyes’ in the footage as the man tries in vain to comfort him. Conflicting reports suggest he was injured by a landmine or a regime airstrike

Subsequent videos and images appear to show him with the bandages removed and able to see again.

Syria is in the midst of a seven-year civil war between the government, ISIS, the Kurds, and various other militias.

The conflict has dragged in America and Russia, both of whom back opposing sides, and more recently Iran and Israel.

Israel claims Iran is positioning troops and missiles in Syrian which are capable of ranging deep into Israeli territory, and has vowed to stop them.

Iran denies any military presence in Syria, though is known to provide assistance to the regime.

Subsequent videos suggest the boy was taken across the border into Turkey for treatment and is now recovering from his injuries and has regained his sight