Boy on a bike collides with a car in video

  • A video shows a man driving through a neighborhood as the sun sets
  • A boy on a bike comes out of a driveway on the right side of the car
  • The car collides with the bike, sending the boy flying onto the hood of the car 

A shocking video shows the moment a car driving through a residential neighborhood hits a child on a bike. 

The video was taken by a camera that appears to be on the dashboard. 

The male motorist drives through the neighborhood listening to electronic music as the sun sets.

Out of nowhere a bike turns right in front of him. 

A man is driving through a residential area as the sun sets listening to electronic music

A boy on a bike appears to come out of a driveway on the right of the car and slams into it

The boy is flung on the hood of the car upon impact and is not wearing a helmet

The boy on the bike appears to be in his early teens. He is not wearing a helmet.

As the bike collides with the vehicle the boy hits the hood of the car before rolling back onto the ground on top of his bike. 

The driver can be heard saying ‘F**k me’.

The video was posted to YouTube by Damian Wilcox on Sunday. It is unclear where in the U.S. it was taken or what happened to the boy.  

The boy rolls off the hood of the car as the driver says: ‘F**k me’ and the video ends