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Brave woman kicks a crook down stairs after he tried to break in

A brave woman has confronted a group of home invaders at her luxury waterfront mansion at Rodd Point in Sydney’s inner west early this morning.

The break and enter happened at 4.50am when the woman heard her mother screaming and as she came to help discovered three men entering the house, one of whom she kicked down the stairs.

Police have set up a crime scene at the Henley Marine Drive location where the mother, the daughter, and a second daughter fought off the three men, described as being of Middle Eastern appearance.

One of the woman who fought off the three home invaders being escorted by police at the scene

Another daughter who had already left for work said her mother, aged 62, heard some noise coming from her room.

‘My mother was checking to see if I went to work and when she opened my room the three men were inside,’ she told The Daily Telegraph.

‘That’s when she started to scream and that’s when the guys started to run.’ 

She explained that her sister who was home at the time was coming out of her room and a fight broke out, during which one of the men was kicked down the stairs and dropped his mobile phone.

‘I hope they love taking selfies,’ she said.

The fight continued into the living room where the mother and two sisters who were home, aged 25 and 41, eventually fought the men off.

Another member of the family, whose house in Rodd Point was broken into, being treated by police at the scene

Another member of the family, whose house in Rodd Point was broken into, being treated by police at the scene

One of the men was able to grab some keys and the three men subsequently tried to escape in one of the family owned cars.

The woman attempted to stop them and during the scuffle the mother was kicked in the head and one sister was punched in the face and knocked out.

Both women were both taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

‘I think they were watching. The car park isn’t really that safe. I think it’s a random target. I think we were targeted because of the car park,’ the sister said explaining the family had a lot of Chinese New Year celebrations that may have attracted attention.

‘I think this is definitely random, we are a very private family.’

Police are conducting an investigation with forensics already having attended the address and a search ongoing for the family’s white Audi A1 sedan with registration CPH-63A.