Breakthrough Novovax Covid-19 jab gets approved in Australia

Australia APPROVES the jab some anti-vaxxers have been waiting for: Breakthrough Novavax Covid-19 vaccine gets the green-light – here’s how it’s different

  • It will be available to those 18 and above with two doses given three weeks apart 
  • Vaccine can be kept in normal fridge for three months unlike other doses
  • Head of vaccine rollout said he expected many unvaccinated to get Novavax 

The TGA has granted provisional approval to Novavax – the first protein COVID-19 vaccine approved in Australia. 

The vaccine will be available to Australians aged 18 and above and will be given in two doses three weeks apart. 

Novavax will not be used as a booster shot. 

The man leading Australia’s vaccine rollout, Lieutenant General John Frewen, said he expected one or two per cent of unvaccinated residents would be holding out for the new vaccine.

‘If anyone has decided that’s what they want to wait for, they’ll be able to get it as quickly as they can,’ he told 4BC radio on Wednesday. 

The TGA has granted provisional approval to Novavax – the first protein COVID-19 vaccine approved in Australia


The novavax jab is Australia’s fourth vaccine to be approved by the TGA

The vaccine can be stored in a normal fridge for three months unlike other vaccines which must be kept in low temperatures 

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said he had heard of people waiting for the Novavax jab.

‘That’s terrific that the product they’ve been waiting for is now here,’ he said. 

The vaccine, which is the fourth to be approved in Australia, is able to be stored in a normal fridge for up to three months, unlike other doses which must be kept at very low temperatures. 

Researchers found the vaccine had more than 90 per cent efficacy in preventing infection of Covid and 100 per cent in preventing severe illness.

The Australian government secured 51million doses of the new jab. 

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