Brian McFadden faces a six-month driving ban for speeding which could cause his Boyzlife to suffer

Brian McFadden could potentially be facing a six-month driving ban which could cause his band Boyzlife to suffer. 

During an appearance at a Magistrates’ Court in Nottingham on Thursday, the former Westlife star, 38, admitted to breaking the 30mph speed limit while in his Mercedes on the A610 on December 19, according to the Nottinghamshire Live.

However his barrister Danielle Manson told three magistrates that the half-year driving ban could lead to ‘exceptional hardship’ with his venture Boyzlife, as he currently drives ‘thousands of miles’ to get to concerts with bandmate, Keith Duffy.  

Brian is said to be on the verge of a six-month driving ban following the ‘totting up’ rule because has has already has nine points on his licence.

The Flying Without Wings hitmaker pleaded guilty to driving at 39mph in a populated, built-up area.

The star told magistrates that the ban would have a huge effect on his career as he drives thousands of miles from his home in Rochdale to get to concerts. 

‘Last year, I drove 22,000 miles in my car for work, getting to gigs,’ he offered an example. 


Bryan’s barrister Danielle stated that as well as his career, his bandmate Keith’s career could suffer.    

She revealed: ‘He drives many thousand of miles and may not get home until 2am. That is asking a lot of people who may drive him.

‘Two recent concerts were in Wales and Birmingham and he had to drive home after.’  

However, presiding magistrate Peter Forster stated: ‘There are other ways to get around, like taxis.’


The case has been adjourned for six weeks so Bryan can produce documentation from Keith on the effects of their career, if his bandmate were to be given a driving ban. 

Brian is currently loved-up with his PE.teacher girlfriend, Danielle Parkinson

Their romance first blossomed in late 2016 and has gone from strength to strength since.

The singer first confirmed his new relationship in November 2016, following his split from ex wife Vogue Williams in July 2015.