Briana just wanted a new haircut before heading off on a dream trip to Europe. It ended in hysterical tears, an ugly race row and vicious death threats to her hairdresser

  • Luxury hair salon is slammed by a TikTok user 
  • Customer bawled as she explained her ‘horror’ cut
  • The business has now been swamped with death threats 

A furious row has erupted after a woman paid $230 for a specialist stylist to trim her curly hair only for the final result to leave her sobbing.

Briana slammed her ‘horror cut’ as the worst she’s ever had in a blistering TikTok clip seen by millions after she left the trendy inner city hairdresser in tears.

The video sparked a furious reaction online as others rushed to blast the Sydney hair studio and its staff online with an onslaught of racial attacks and death threats.

In her video, Briana revealed she splashed out on a cut and treatment at Rumbie & Co, a salon in Chippendale, before heading on a European adventure trip in May.

The hairdresser boasts it has stylists who specialise in curls and waves, but Briana said she was so devastated by by the cut she couldn’t even look in the mirror.

‘Guys, I know it’s just hair, but I went to a curly hair specialist today – this studio only does curly hair – and this is the length,’ she sobbed in the viral TikTok clip.

On Thursday, the founder of Rumbie & Co uploaded her own video to TikTok to apologise to Briana for ‘that haircut’, and to explain that she was given a $115 refund. 

In the original video, Briana wept on camera over the devastating haircut which had left her feeling ‘ugly’.

She claimed that she was told her hair looked like a ‘frizzball’ after the haircut because ‘…your hair is dry and it’s frizzy, it’s dead – that’s what it looks like’. 

Briana said she ended up asking for a refund, but they only wanted to give her $20 back.

‘I was like, “$20, are you insane? Look at my hair – you’re literally a curly hair specialist”,’ she told salon staff.

In the video, Briana said the sides of her hair were different lengths and the stylist hadn’t parted her hair properly during the cut, and said her hair wouldn’t even curl properly now.

‘I know it sounds like I’m being dramatic but it’s just because I’ve been looking forward to this Europe trip,’ she said, through tears.

‘I’m so busy and I’ve been booking small things like this to get done and now I feel like I look really ugly.’

The video attracted more than four million views, but sparked a barrage of comments by people who had similar experiences.

Briana (pictured) was deeply upset after her ‘horror’ haircut at an upmarket Sydney salon 

Pictured: The barrage of vile abuse the salon received after Briana's review

Pictured: The barrage of vile abuse the salon received after Briana’s review

Pictured: Screenshots showing the salon gave Briana a $115 refund and tried to resolve the issue

Pictured: Screenshots showing the salon gave Briana a $115 refund and tried to resolve the issue

In a video reply to Briana, the owner of the salon apologised. 

‘Briana, I saw that haircut and … even I don’t know how we got here,’ she said.

‘I wanted to let you know that I am sorry and, even though I wasn’t there, I’m going to take responsibility and I am sorry this has been your experience.’ 

She included screenshots of emails between the salon and Briana as proof that she did receive a refund and the business did try to rectify the situation.

But the owner also revealed the masses of threatening comments and emails that her team received.

‘To all my keyboard warriors … I probably wouldn’t be making a statement if it weren’t for the fact that my team is being impacted with threats, death threats, family threats, race threats,’ she said.

‘It is absolutely unnecessary.’

The owner acknowledged the importance of reviews, but she urged users to think about what they were writing before posting hateful messages.

Daily Mail Australia contacted Rumbie & Co for comment.