Brit who survived Hurricane Irma dies in an accident

Jamie Thomas, 28, was staying at a villa in Kissimmee, Florida, when the Category Five storm struck on September 10

A British holidaymaker who survived Hurricane Irma died in a motorbike crash just a week after returning to the UK.

Jamie Thomas, 28, was staying with friends and family in Kissimee Florida when the Category Five storm struck on September 10.   

Described as someone with a heart of gold, Jamie was photographed boarding up properties and told loves ones back home he was safe and well. 

But after returning to the UK on September 17, a week after the storm fatally tore through the Southern state, Jamie was involved in an accident. 

His motorbike struck a horsebox near his home in Gloucestershire and he passed away.

A devastated friend in Florida paid tribute to Jamie, saying he was someone who would ‘do anything for anyone’.

Rina Alicia said: ‘Jamie was more than a friend to us. He was our family in our hearts and he felt the same way.

‘He said I was his American mom and my daughter was his little sissy. They did so much together. She is distraught over his loss, we all are.

‘Jamie had a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone.’

She added: ‘My daughter and I were coming to his mum’s house for a vacation and he was taking four days off to take me and his sissy to London with his mum.

'Heart of gold': Jamie helped board up his mother's home in Florida (pictured far left)

Tragic: Jamie Thomas managed to escape the clutches of Hurricane Irma but was involved in motorcycle crash a week later

Jamie helped board up his mother’s home in Florida (pictured left, far left) and shared the news online that he was well and safe but sadly the 28-year-old (right) died just a week after returning to the UK 

She said: ‘God knows he had love all over, his personality was rare, a blessing.

‘I can still see him boarding up his mum’s home for Hurricane Irma. We spent three weeks together every year. I’m sending flowers to one of his friends, she will place them at the scene for us. Hugs to his mum, sister and brother.’

The crash happened on the A48 near Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, at 12.30pm on Sunday, a week after Jamie left Florida.

Paramedics battled to save Jamie and an air ambulance was scrambled, but he died at the scene.

A 54-year-old woman who was driving the horsebox was not arrested.

Jamie, of Minsterworth, Gloucestershire, worked as a cable fitter at AA Utilities Specialists of nearby Yorkley, and staff were said to be devastated by his death.

His employer Adrian Davies said: ‘He was a lovely, hard-working young lad.’