British family of four including two children, 10 and 12, are rushed to hospital with ‘severe food poisoning’ after a meal at a restaurant in Morocco

  •  Family of four had eaten at restaurant in the city of Marrakesh before falling ill

A British family of four including two children have been rushed to hospital in Morocco after suffering ‘severe food poisoning’ having eaten at a local restaurant. 

Moroccan newspaper, Bayane Marrakech, reported the victims, two British tourists with their two children aged 10 and 12, were taken to Razi Hospital in Marrakesh.

They had reportedly eaten at a restaurant in the Imlil area of ​​Al Haouz Province before being urgently taken for medical treatment.

An investigation is underway into their ordeal, which unfolded on Tuesday night. Their current condition is unknown.

The newspaper said: ‘This incident raises significant concerns about food safety in restaurants, and highlights the importance of food quality control and preventive measures. 

‘Tourists being exposed to cases of food poisoning can significantly affect the reputation of tourist destinations and harm the tourism industry in general.

Four British tourists were rushed to hospital in Marrakesh after getting food poisoning

‘Local authorities need to take strict measures to ensure food safety in restaurants, including implementing periodic sanitary and sanitizing procedures, and ensuring that staff are well trained in food safety.

‘Restaurants must adhere to strict quality and hygiene standards to ensure that such tragic incidents do not recur.

‘In cooperation between the local government and the hospitality industry, a safe environment can be achieved for tourists and guests of the city, maintaining the region’s reputation as a reliable and safe tourist destination.’

The exposure of tourists to food poisoning can be a huge deterrent for visiting a country and tourist destinations can be severely harmed.

According to a survey carried out in 2015, Morocco is listed in the top ten countries where food pensioning is prevalent.