British Open champ Cam Smith’s bogan palace party is still going after he won the Claret Jug

Shirtless British Open champion Cam Smith makes a cocktail while his mate skols a drink out of the famous Claret Jug as the party keeps going at star’s bogan palace in Florida

  • The party is still well and truly raging at Smith’s Jacksonville home in the US
  • Fellow Aussie golfers James Nitties and Aron Price have joined the celebrations
  • Nitties has shared a behind the scenes video of their antics with the Claret Jug
  • That includes Price skolling an impressive two beers at once from the trophy 

What happens when you get three Aussie professional golfers together in the same room as the most prized sport in the game? You get a party, that’s what.

The drinks are still well and truly flowing at Aussie Cameron Smith’s Jacksonville home following his breakthrough golf victory at the British Open earlier this month – and the Claret Jug prize he took home is front and centre of the celebrations.

Fellow Aussie pro golfer James Nitties has shared footage of the party, including Aussie pro golfer Aron Price chugging from the Claret Jug while a shirtless Smith prepares cocktails in the background.

Smith famously said he wanted to test how many beers the famous trophy holds after his victory at St Andrews before later confirming it fits two. 

He was also filmed testing that theory by skolling a Claret Jug load of beer in the change rooms after his sensational performance on the back nine earned him victory. 

While most fans lapped up the victory video and declared Smith to be an Aussie champion, there were purists unhappy with the treatment of the Claret Jug. 

Shirtless British Open champion Cam Smith makes a cocktail while Aron Price skols a drink out of the famous Claret Jug

They can relax, however, because it is not the ‘actual’ Claret Jug that these golfers are using as a glorified beer jug.

Winners of The Open receive a full-sized replica while the original Claret Jug remains and safe and beer-free at  the clubhouse of the Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews.  

Fans were also quick to draw parallels between Price’s impressive skolling ability and an iconic golfing image dating back to 2008.

On that occasion, Price claimed victory at the Livermore Valley Wine Country Championship following two tie breaker holes against American J.J. Killeen, who lead most of the tournament.

The prize for victory was another unique trophy, a miniature wine barrel with a tap.

After claiming victory, Price hoisted the barrel in the air and pretended to chug from the tap, an enduring image that remains popular to this day.