British tourist, 30, is found dead in a field in Tenerife

Police in Tenerife are investigating the mystery death of a 30-year-old British tourist who was found barefoot and wearing just shorts in a field after a bizarre carjacking incident.

It is understood he was on holiday with two friends, from whom he had become separated, and died on his first night on the Canary island.

Reports say he was still wearing the wristband of his all-inclusive hotel when he was found dead in the popular resort of Los Cristianos near the main motorway.

Los Cristianos, Tenerife, where a 30-year-old British man who has been found dead was due to be staying 

Spanish newspapers say police are investigating reports that he hijacked a car from outside a shopping mall in Costa Adeje when the driver got out for a few seconds, leaving the keys in his ignition and his wife or partner in the passenger seat.

The British man jumped in and drove away, reportedly with both doors still open, and headed for the nearby TF-1 motorway.

Reports say the woman launched herself out of the car either before or after it was involved in a crash.

The Brit tourist is then said to have walked along the hard shoulder of the motorway and attempted to steal either another car or a motorbike. 

At one stage, he is reported to have got into another car which was struck in the traffic jams but the woman driver slammed on the handbrake and ran off, raising the alarm with other motorists in the queue. 

Witnesses have reported seeing him running down the hard shoulder and jumping over the barrier on to the grass slope alongside it.

His body was found shortly afterwards on a large area of rocky ground which separates the busy motorway with Los Cristianos and near to its main access roundabout. The area is separated from the TF-1 by continuous safety barriers.

Spanish newspaper Diario de Avisos says the man arrived on holiday in Tenerife on Thursday but although he had his hotel wristband on, he had yet to spend the night there.

It is reported that his body was found on Friday by two other tourists and had no signs of external injury.

A full investigation is now underway to determine the exact circumstances of what happened and how he died. A post mortem and toxicology report will reveal whether he had consumed alcohol or drugs.

The woman who jumped out of the first car is said to have been injured in the process and was saved from being hit by other by an off-duty police officer.

As yet, no preliminary report of the incident has been published by the 112 emergency service or by the fire brigade.