Brittany Higgins, Bruce Lehrmann defamation trial LIVE: Andrew Bolt unleashes on ‘mega-payout’ and raises key question

Andrew Bolt has asked why Brittany Higgins was handed $2.3million in compensation, partly based on 40 years of lost wages, when she kept working in politics after making her rape allegations.

The political commentator raised the question in a column in the Herald-Sun on Wednesday evening.

Ms Higgins secured the hefty payment in December last year after the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions dropped the charge against Bruce Lehrmann – citing fears for her mental health.

The payment was settled following just one day of mediation with the Labor government.

Higgins claimed she was not supported by her former Parliament House bosses, Linda Reynolds and Michaelia Cash, after she disclosed her alleged rape to them.

Ms Reynolds and Ms Cash have denied any wrongdoing, but were not given the opportunity to defend themselves during mediation.

Bolt pointed out that she secured a job as a media advisor for Victoria’s First Peoples Assembly in February 2021 – when she first went public with her allegations on The Project.

She also secured a $108,000 advance to write a book about her rape allegations a month later, in March 2021, and was due to get a further $200,000 once the book was finished.

She later completed at internship at the United Nations in Geneva, but told the court it was unpaid.

‘This mega-payout stinks,’ Bolt claimed.

‘Higgins got the job. And she got the cash. Why?’