Brookside star Tina Malone shares her heartbreak as she announces her husband Paul Chase has died age 42

Tina Malone has announced the death of her husband Paul Chase aged 42.

The Brookside star, 61, were married for nine years before divorcing in 2019, however they later got back together the following year in February 2020.

Tina revealed the devastating news of Paul’s passing on her social media page Wednesday as she shared her heartbreak with her fans.

The statement read: ‘It’s with total heartbreak I write this my husband Paul Chase Malone passed away this morning we are totally devastated.’

Following their 2020 reunion, the soap star said their relationship was back to normal and said their ‘love never went away.’

The couple share one daughter together called Flame.

Tina Malone has announced the death of her husband Paul Chase (pictured right)

Previously pening up on her relationship with husband of 13 years, Tina revealed they ‘always had that attraction’.

Speaking last year, despite being on the brink of divorce in 2019, Tina assured that ‘things are good’ now.

She explained: ‘Even in times when I’ve loathed him, and we all have that in relationships, in the worst of times – never ever has he not turned me on. We’ve always had that attraction.

‘Sex just gets better as you get older. I’m 60 so I’m comfortable with myself. I like to think I’m accomplished at most things in my life now – and that applies in the bedroom too! Paul and I still have so much passion, after 13 years you know each other so well. He still gives me butterflies.’

Tina has also appeared in prison drama Clink and even took part in Celebrity Big Brother in 2009.

Tina also made headlines when she lost 12 stone and dropped from a size 26 to a size six following gastric band surgery.

She has been open about her weight loss and back in 2016, she candidly talked about how she had been attacked online during her journey.

Tina said at the time: ‘I’ve had more abuse with the last one and a half stone weight loss than I had with my pregnancy, my nine ops or my gastric band.’

After her weight loss, Tina went on to spend £50,000 to remove her excess skin in 2015 in order to maintain her new found confidence in herself.

In December 2017, Tina was sacked from a pantomime after being found in possession of cocaine.

She claimed the cocaine was planted in her bag when she was arrested after her pantomime performance.

Speaking in June 2018, Tina revealed she felt so low following her public drug arrest – which happened in front of her daughter Flame – that she planned to take her own life.

She told the Daily Star: ‘I felt like a burden to everybody so I wrote to everyone to apologise and planned my own funeral.

‘I needed this to work. The panto thing killed me. This has been the worst time in my entire life.’

Former alcoholic Tina said she has ‘always been honest’ about her past addictions – admitting she ‘smoked pot’ during her college days – but that alcohol was her ‘drug of choice’.

The mother-of-two said she would own up if she had been taking drugs, as she claimed that her arrest was a set-up.

Tina became a mother to her daughter Flame, now 10, at the age of 50 with her partner Paul. The actress is also mother to daughter Danielle from a previous relationship.

Tina, who fell pregnant after having IVF treatment, married personal trainer Paul, who is 19 years her junior, back in 2010.