Bundaberg, Queensland: Shocking moment masked dog napper steals a puppy from a backyard just days after it was brought home

The shocking moment a masked thief stole a puppy from the backyard of a suburban home has been caught on a security camera. 

The man broke through the fence of the family home at Bargara near Bundaberg in central Queensland around 10am on Tuesday and stole the small pug named Willow. 

The brazen act was captured on video and showed the man dressed in all black clothing running through the backyard. 

He is heard calling out for Willow as the pooch scampers around the backyard attempting to evade the thief. 

In the vision Willow is seen to run behind a large trampoline but the man soon scoops up the eight-week-old pug and takes off.

A tiny pug was stolen by two thieves (pictured) in broad daylight from a family home in Bargara, near Bundaberg in central Queensland, on Tuesday morning

The camera also captured another person wearing a black hoodie running from a property next door to the home. 

Mother-of-six Jamie-Lee, the owner of the pooch, said they only bought the dog from vendor last Sunday. 

‘We only got it two days ago and it was a puppy to my children,’ she told 7 News.

Ms Lee claims the business who sold the pug to her demanded they return the dog just days later. 

‘(They said) if we didn’t give the dog back, they were going to steal it [and] 48 hours later, that’s exactly what they did,’ she said. 

Ms Lee claims the two thieves returned to the property again in the hours of Wednesday morning. 

The security camera captured a car that drove past the home several times just after midnight. 

Ms Lee said she is scared the thieves might be coming back for another dog the family owns. 

The family had purchased Willow (pictured) just two days before the thieves stole the pooch from their backyard

The family had purchased Willow (pictured) just two days before the thieves stole the pooch from their backyard

She said the incident has left her children devastated.  

‘We paid for this dog, we own this dog, it is our puppy,’ she said. 

A Queensland Police spokesman told Daily Mail Australia police are investigating the incident. 

Ms Lee urged anyone who lives in the area and is made aware of someone trying to sell a pug with one brown eye and one blue eye to contact police.  

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