Bunny Lamps and Other Egg-citing Treats!

Holidays are exciting and thrilling to most people; it is the time to relax, travel, catch up, and have colorful moments with family or loved ones. As spring sets in, it welcomes one of Easter’s most popular and significant holidays.

The Easter season brings along beautiful pastel colors that you can embrace in different gifts, including bunny lamps and other egg-citing treats.

While enjoying the warmth of the four-day holiday, you can get adorable chocolate bunnies, eggs, and vibrant dresses from Lumie World’s bunny rabbit lights to make a wonderful celebration.

Alongside the Easter egg thrill tradition, the creativity in decorations using bunny lamps will make your home stand out.

The History of Rabbits and Easter

You may wonder how a rabbit or bunny became the Easter symbol of delivering colorful eggs. If anything, rabbits don’t lay eggs, so why not pick an egg-laying animal? For a long time, rabbits have been associated with spring and fertility in the pre-Christian era in Germany.

The rabbit symbolizes spring and the fertility pagan goddess, Eostra. Naturally, rabbits are prolific breeders from a young age and can reproduce severally in a year.

In the 17th century, this pagan symbol of spring and fertility was unified with Christian traditions in Germany to celebrate the resurrection. So why does the non-laying bunny bring eggs during Easter? Eggs and rabbits are a symbol of fertility and while spring symbolizes rebirth.

German immigrants brought the rabbit tradition to America, where the Easter hare lay colored eggs in the baskets of well-mannered children. Over time, the practice progressed to include chocolates and toys, not forgetting the colored eggs.

Some Easter Bunny Puns

With the cute Easter bunny puns, the egg-citing decorations make the holiday fun and exciting.

Whether you buy ready-made Easter baskets or make them from home, make sure everything is fun. The puns vary from bunny, romantic, and egg-citing to handmade cards. Here are some bunny puns for a hoppy Easter holiday.

  • Your bunny stories make me laugh.
  • Carrot me to the store.
  • Some bunny hugged me today.
  • Hoppy Easter holidays.
  • Bunny, what’s for dinner?
  • Better catch up with the bunny to enjoy some chocolates.
  • Who said you’re a bunny?
  • I’m so happy. I feel like hopping!
  • I listen to hip-hop music during Easter.
  • I wonder how many chocolate bunnies you’ll eat on Easter.
  • The season for egg hunting is almost here.

Egg-citing Bunny Gifts for a Hoppy Easter

If Easter egg-cites you, it’s not too early to start making or buying colorful decor and treats for others. It’s a time to get eggs-tra creative as you make those Easter-themed cards or plan what to buy from bunny lamps, chocolates, and eggs. Here are some ideas for you.

  • Copper bunny ring holder – A stand that utilizes a rabbit’s shape with two ears acting as ring holders.
  • Chicken-shaped egg separator – Get it for a friend who has issues separating egg white and yolk.
  • Bunny light – Ideal for animal enthusiasts and children. It’s sensitive to touch and acts as a nightlight.
  • Colored egg cup – It’s made from different cartoon characters, and you discover it’s a salt shaker on removing the cap.
  • Carrot kitchen roll holder – The colorful design will add more life to the kitchen. Your kitchen roll will sit on a green base and a yellow bunny next to it for turning the roll.

Easter Egg-citing Puns

As the Easter season nears, the cue for the long weekend is not only chocolates or colorful lamp bunnies but also some egg-citing puns. Here are some egg-citing puns you can exchange with your friends, family, or children as the long weekend approaches in April.

  • Have an egg-stra special Easter.
  • That was an egg-citing day.
  • The holiday is egg-citing
  • Do you hire an egg-pert cook?
  • I feel cute. The Easter weekend was eggcellent.
  • Do you know how to eggs-xist with friends?
  • I’m having an over-easy Sunday morning.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Whether you carrot or not, you’re irresistible!
  • These eggs are enough to go around.
  • Who is whisking with me this Easter Sunday?
  • Who else egg-cited about Easter?

Easter Pun Messages for Cards

Suppose you decide to get creative to make and write Easter cards. Here are some egg-citing messages for your Easter cards.

  • Hopefully, our Easter will be eggcellent this year.
  • Hoppy Easter weekend to my bunnies online.
  • I give you my ears this Easter.
  • Carrot me as I’m egg-cited to wish you a Happy Easter this year.
  • Check your hare mail for my best wishes.
  • Happy Easter holiday to some bunny who makes me hoppy.
  • Cheers to a good egg and a hoppy Easter.
  • My family wishes you a basket full of egg-citement during Easter.
  • Hoppy Easter to you, my special some-bunny.
  • Your ears are hoping you have a hoppy Easter.
  • Hoppy Easter, my favorite yolker.
  • This year will bring egg-ceptional Easter blessings.