Burpengary dog attack: Woman in serious condition with ‘significant hand and arm injuries’ in Brisbane hospital – just days after tougher laws came in for owners

A woman has been suffered serious injuries in a dog attack, just days after Queensland introduced tougher laws against aggressive breeds.

Emergency services were called to a Burpengary home north of Brisbane about 6.30am on Tuesday and treated a woman aged in her sixties for ‘significant’ hand and arm wounds.

She was taken to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in a serious condition for further treatment.

Officers from Moreton Bay Council attended the home and seized the dog.

An investigation has been launched after a woman was attacked by a dog (stock image)

The breed of the dog is currently unknown.

‘The incident was on private premises,’ a council spokesperson said.

‘Investigations are continuing and any further actions are contingent on the outcome of this investigation.’

The attack occurred a week after Queensland parliament stiffened laws regarding aggressive dog breeds. 

Owners face fines of up to $108,000 and even jail time if they are found to encourage an attack in which their dog inflicts serious injuries or kills a person.

Five breeds – the Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Japanese Tosa, American pit bull terrier and the Presa Canario – were  banned.

It comes after a spate of dog attacks, including a meter reader who was fatally mauled.

Kane Minion, 42, was killed when two dogs attacked the Energex worker as he tried to read the meter at a home in the Logan suburb of Greenbank in December 2022.

‘Queenslanders backed these changes in their thousands, and we can say to them that the Miles Government has delivered for them – on time and as promised,’ minister Mark Furner said.

‘We will keep working with the community to get the message out about these new laws and help people with at-risk dogs to comply to make the community safer.

‘We will always put the safety of Queenslanders first and that’s what these important reforms will deliver.’

Paramedics transported the woman to hospital in a serious condition

Paramedics transported the woman to hospital in a serious condition

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