Butcher ‘caught on film chopping up chickens in a filthy alley while smoking a cigarette’

A butcher has allegedly been caught on camera chopping up chicken in a dirty backstreet – while smoking a cigarette.

At one point, the butcher seemingly drops an item on the road – only to put it back in a box.

Staff at Adam’s Continental Foods in Bensham, Tyne and Wear, – which has a zero food hygiene score – insist their butcher was chopping bones.

However Gateshead Council is probing the viral Facebook clip, taken on Wednesday, which has now been watched over 130,000 times.

‘We have had a number of complaints about this and are investigating,’ confirmed a council spokesperson.

However, staff at the Coatsworth Road store have defended the worker.

‘Whoever filmed it has ended it before it was put in the bin,’ said a manager.

‘All he was chopping up was bones to put in the bins as you can get more in there.

Staff at Adam’s Continental Foods insist their butcher was chopping bones

‘We don’t chop up chickens to sell as mince, we only sell whole chickens.

‘Yes, maybe he shouldn’t have done it outside but it isn’t going to be served.’

Another claimed to have been bemused by the clip’s attention, adding: ‘We have had a laugh about it this morning.’

And when asked about whether the worker should have been smoking, he admitted: ‘I would say that is wrong if that is the case.’

Workers claim the bones are bashed to cram more in the bins, before accusing locals of ‘jealousy’ at the store, which has been open for around a decade.

However locals have slammed the ‘disgusting’ clip.

‘My mam watched it last night and even she thought it was disgusting,’ said Patrick Hopkinson, who runs Bensham firm PH Plastering.

Gateshead Council is probing the viral Facebook clip. Pictured: Coatsworth Road

Gateshead Council is probing the viral Facebook clip. Pictured: Coatsworth Road

‘If he was just chopping bones, then I feel bad for him with all the bad publicity.

‘But if he wasn’t, then really it is disgraceful.’

Another local trader, who asked not to be named due to his proximity to the store, added: ‘If the allegations are true, it is beyond belief.

‘I’m just glad Gateshead Council is taking a proper look at this.’ 

Geordie Facebook comedian Robin Armstrong visited the site after the clip started to be shared on social media.

He shot videos, and said: ‘I saw the video posted and knew where it was straight away so I drove down to check myself.

‘The smell is overpowering with piles of rubbish – it made me feel sick.’

The clip was filmed on Wednesday- the day after Gateshead Council published the store’s zero star rating.

It was inspected in May, where hygiene officials labelled food hygiene and safety as ‘poor’ – adding they had ‘little’ confidence in management.

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