Buying a Home: Tips for Future Owners

When starting out a family, or when finally moving out and being on your own, buying a house is one of the first priorities. Renting can be an option but, in most cases, owning a home is a better plan for the long term. Here are some pointers to consider before purchasing your first home.


Consider the proximity of the property to important locations, like schools, the church, hospitals, malls, or grocery stores. Based on your needs or the family’s major needs it is advised to purchase a home that is within a reasonable distance to these places.

Let’s say the kids will be transferring or will be going to the same school, an hour or more of travel every day is not really manageable in the long run. If medical management is needed frequently, a house that is in close proximity to the hospital or a clinic would be a good choice.

The weather conditions, traffic, the neighborhood, and other factors should also be considered, based on your preferences.


When starting out a family, better to buy a house that would fit the couple and the kids (or soon to be) comfortably. The size of the lot should also be considered, should you prefer to grow a garden or have a patio. If there are any pets present, then it is awesome that there is extra room for them to run around.

Lifestyle should also be considered, are you fond of collecting stuff or a minimalist at heart? These days, tiny homes are gaining in popularity, but they are not for everyone.

Short term and long-term plans

Planning to stay for just a few years? Or planning to stay until the kids are old enough to move out? Planning to convert the property into a leasing home or Airbnb? Determine your short-term and long-term plans – how many years do you see yourself in the home? Buying homeowners insurance for your property should be greatly considered at this point.

If you plan on having this rented, it is best to secure your small business liability insurance to ensure that the clients who come and go are also protected in all the right ways. Back in the day, homeowner’s insurance only covered fire.

But today, insurance can cover damages to furniture, medical expenses, other structures of the house, and a lot more. Mortgaged houses are required to have homeowner’s insurance, but even without it, it is better to make sure your investment is protected.

Understanding costs

A person’s first concern should usually be the price when they are interested in a property, but there will be other costs to consider as well. The mortgage costs, survey costs, estate agent fees, insurance fees are some of the expenses that would have to be considered.

Job security is also a big factor, paying the mortgage would require you to have a steady income that would be enough to pay the mortgage in the years agreed upon.

The age, style, condition of the house, and the appliances

Still, at first glance, this will be based on your preference. But consider your needs and plans as well. Are you willing to do a partial or total renovation? Would the appliances that come with the house still work best or would they be a liability in a few years? Should you hire a contractor, choose a company that has a good reputation in the industry.

A company that has contractors liability insurance protects not only their company but their clients as well, should there be any damages incurred during the construction process. To avoid any setbacks and unnecessary expenses on your end. Some states require insurance for skilled professionals, if it is required and they don’t have it, you know it’s not a good idea to hire.

Find the right people to help you in finding “the one”

Finding the right home would not be possible without the right real estate professional. Their job is to help you find the best options with the right deals, working around your budget, ability to pay, and preferences. Don’t hesitate to ask should you have any questions, make sure you understand all contracts and computations before finalizing a decision. A good real estate agent will help you land a great deal for your dream home.

The times are changing fast, that is why a lot of people are veering away from big investments such as buying a house. But with this uncertainty all around, nothing beats waking up in the morning with a feeling that when you go back at night, there is something constant waiting for you, that is a place you can call your own, a place that is home.