Buying Remanufactured & Rebuilt Forklift Parts: What You Need To Know

Remanufactured auto parts are the perfect example of the adage, “best out of waste”. Remanufactured and rebuilt parts are a popular choice when it comes to forklifts as they offer a lower cost of ownership, satisfactory quality, and even a reasonable warranty.

In this article, we will walk you through an all-you-need-to-know cheatsheet for remanufactured & rebuilt forklift parts so you can make an informed decision when choosing between brand new and rebuilt parts for your forklift.

How Are Forklift Parts Remanufactured and Rebuilt?

Let’s take the example of remanufactured forklift transmissions. The process is divided into six phases:

Phase #1: Disassembly and Inspection

When a forklift transmission comes in, it is disassembled and then laid out for inspection. The parts that have a surviving chance pass the inspection, and the others get discarded. The suitable parts get prepped for a cleanup.

Phase #2: Cleanup

Once ready, the selected parts are dipped in hot water and then air-dried. Next, they are blasted with a soda medium to remove any excess material and eventually rewashed for cleaning any soda residue.

Phase #3: Replacements

Post cleanup, the parts that got discarded during the inspection are then replaced by a brand new part.

Phase #4: Assembly

Forklift transmissions are re-assembled according to the guidelines in the service manual for assembly, torque, backlash, preload, and spacing.

Phase #5: Testing

Once the remanufactured forklift transmissions are assembled, they are tested. One crucial testing parameter is leakage: forklift transmissions are warmed up to operating temperature, and dye is introduced to the lift truck transmission fluid to detect even the smallest of leaks. Also, fluorescent light is used to effectively check for leaks. Next, the transmission is checked for stability.

Phase #6:

The test sheets with small and big tests are checked, a fresh coat of paint is applied, and the lift truck transmission is given the “ready” status for shipment.

Like the remanufactured forklift transmissions, other forklift parts are salvaged following a similar process.

How do remanufactured parts compare to the brand new parts?

Are remanufactured parts equal to the brand new ones? The short answer is yes, in almost all ways. Here’s the thing, the purpose of remanufacturing is to swap out the aged and damaged parts while preserving all the healthy parts of the component.

You can find good-quality remanufactured forklift transmissions from most major brands like Hyster, Yale, Toyota, Cat, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Komatsu, Taylor, and many others. The only eye of caution is advised when you are scouting for remanufactured parts; we recommend conducting a thorough inquiry to get a breakdown of what all has been rebuilt.

Why Are Rebuilt Forklift Parts A Popular Choice?

The thought process behind choosing rebuilt forklift parts stands on three pillars: performance, reliability, and warranty, along with other advantages.

The three pillars: The forklift parts are built to replicate the performance of the brand new OEM parts; therefore, good quality and reliable replacement parts are chosen as substitutes. It also has a refined integration process. Moreover, it offers 365 days of warranty.

Some other advantages are as follows:

Greener choice: remanufactured parts take significantly fewer resources in the making as compared to new parts. This decreases your carbon footprints and gives a fresh breath back to nature.

Cost-conscious choice: the cost to manufacture an OEM part from scratch is much higher to the manufacturer; this means the same expenses are passed down to you. On the flip side, when you choose to go with a remanufactured part, the cost of manufacturing is much lower, and therefore the retail price drops considerably.

Conclusion: Rebuilt and Ready To Lift

The common myths surrounding the quality of remanufactured and rebuilt forklift parts are baseless. Instead, their reliability is shockingly the reason that it has developed a loyal customer base. So start opting for good quality remanufactured parts and save your dollars in repairs and maintenance.