Buying the First Designer Pair: What Should You be Aware of?

Designer brands are expensive and exclusive, but everyone wants them nonetheless. Now, if you have never bought a particularly expensive pair of shoes from a popular brand before, it can both be an intimidating and confusing decision to find the right pair of shoes. To help you out, we have prepared a small guide that has everything that you need to know about purchasing your first, expensive designer pair and not regret it a bit.

Don’t Invest in “Affordable” Designer Brands or Products

Every once in a while, you will hear about a rising, new designer brand from Italy or France that promises to become the next big thing in the world of fashion.

They will offer shoes, bags and everything else with their brand name stamped on it at significantly lower prices, as compared to the more established brands such as Gucci or Prada, for example. They will still be quite expensive, but just not as much.

When you are going to buy your first pair of expensive shoes from a designer brand, do not waste your hard-earned money on these pseudo-brands that claim to have everything, except the hundred-year-old reputation which the established luxury designer houses enjoy.

The thing about designer brands is that much of the cost which a buyer pays for a luxurious pair of shoes or any other product, stems from the very fact that it came from an authentic, well recognized, international brand which has been in business for decades, if not much longer. Without that reputation and genuine history behind them, these new brands could very well be based in China and claiming they are from Italy!

Aside from the fact that new designer brands disappear all the time, there’s also the question of prestige. The craftsmanship, detailing and innovation on a pair of Gucci sneakers for example, are not things that one can just come into the business and claim to have.

The prestige value of the Gucci logo was created over a long, long period of time, and if you make the mistake of giving in and buying from one of the newer designer brands that seemingly came from nowhere, you will regret it later on. Instead, invest a little more money into a product from one of the recognized designer houses, and you will have made a great decision.

Don’t Trust Bogus Online Sellers

It’s true that the online cost of products is generally lower when it comes to just about any product, since the seller doesn’t have to pay for maintaining a showroom and the staff.

However, if you are getting a 70% discount on a pair of Crystal Screener Gucci sneakers or Black Crystal Gucci boots, it’s almost a guarantee that you are buying a knockoff product! It could be tempting, especially when it’s your first pair, and you are still a bit confused about the prices, but don’t make that mistake.

Even if there is no sale, or only just a slight one, how do you know that you are getting what you are actually paying for? Well, that is where a site like SSENSE comes in. As far as shopping for any kind of product from a reputed designer brand is concerned, SSENSE is an established name in the eCommerce sector that exclusively sells authentic products from the top brands in the world.

Check out the range of Gucci sneakers that they have in stock right now, to know the kind of quality and assurance we are discussing here. SSENSE may not have the big discounts all the time, but what they do have is that guarantee of authenticity and quality which comes from an original product, created by a top luxury brand.

Don’t Forget about Your Own Sense of Style

Although it may cost a lot of money, unless that shoe matches your own sense of style and dressing, you are wasting money.

Do not get convinced into getting something that’s authentic, but is nothing that you would ever consider buying. For example, if it’s from Prada but a hundred dollars cheaper than the Gucci sneakers you actually like, go for the Gucci pair!

Shoes are just that, and while the assurance of quality and prestige that comes with luxury brands is unquestionably attractive, it must still match your own sense of style as well. Without that, it’s just a pair of shoes you don’t like, but are wearing anyway for the “brand value!’

As a final tip, you would be well advised to mentally prepare for the premium price tag in advance. Keep in mind that what you are buying is an investment that will last you a long time, get you compliments from people all around, and provide you with the satisfaction of owning something that’s truly unique and luxurious in every sense of the term.