Cadbury launches ‘treat of the year’ across Australia: ‘Best chocolate block yet’

Australians have been sent into a spin after hearing rumours of a brand new Cadbury chocolate block – and the never-before-seen flavour has already been dubbed ‘treat of the year’.

The new mud cake Dairy Milk block is expected to hit supermarket shelves in July and will retail for $6.

Foodie Facebook page The Grocery Geek AU shared the exciting news and many raved over the delightful dessert.

The block will consist of blended Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and white chocolate with rich cocoa crème and biscuit piece centre.

‘Oh my god yes, this is chocolate-flavoured chocolate! I am counting the days,’ a fan wrote on social media.

Food vlogger Russ Eats shared his enthusiasm about the new Dairy Milk block 

Food vlogger Russ Eats also shared his enthusiasm. 

‘This has treat of the year potential!’ he said.

‘It’s massive – the Woolworths mud cake is an iconic Australian cake.’

He added, ‘F**k the lamington, the chocolate mud cake is the number one dessert we have. Do not f**k this up, Cadbury.

‘I will be eating ten blocks as soon as it comes out – I am that keen.’

Supermarket mud cakes are a beloved dessert

Supermarket mud cakes are a beloved dessert 

Many others were similarly excited about the new dessert.

‘I wonder if it will be like Wonka’s mudslide,’ one wondered. ‘I miss that chocolate!’

‘That is peak Cadbury, I can’t wait to try it,’ a woman said. ‘I’m putting it in my calendar.’

A few others shared their apprehensions. 

‘It had me until it said it has biscuit pieces in it,’ a man said.

‘Why would they put biscuits in mud cake?’ another asked.

‘I just don’t understand these collaborations. If you want a mud cake, get a mud cake. If you want Cadbury, get Cadbury,’ one wrote.