Cadbury make Dairy Milk with 30 per cent less sugar

Dom Ramsey, founder of Damson Chocolate 

I’ve been trying a lot of reduced sugar chocolates over the past year and they’ve been a huge disappointment.

Brands usually just replace the sugar with horrible sugar substitutes like stevia so the chocolate ends up tasting nothing like the original.

So when I heard Cadbury was bringing out a reduced sugar version of the classic Dairy Milk, my hopes weren’t high.

Like most readers, I grew up with Dairy Milk and, even though my tastes have developed over the years, it remains an important part of my childhood. 

So I would be horrified if they messed about with the flavour.

But when I first try it, I am pleasantly surprised. It still has that same silky, velvety texture we all know and, if I am being honest, if I didn’t know what I was testing, I probably would just assume I was eating the original. 

It’s only when I try the ordinary Dairy Milk that I realise the difference. 

The reduced sugar version is markedly less sweet and there is a very, very mild change in flavour. But it’s barely noticeable.

I think what Cadbury has done is extremely clever and it’s highly likely to succeed. 

Replacing the sugar with just fibre is innovative too and I can quite see other brands now following them. 

I don’t buy much Dairy Milk these days but I would definitely buy the reduced sugar version. 

But I think it’s right that customers are still given the choice. 

Because by getting rid of the original, it’s not just the chocolate they would be messing around with. It’s precious childhood memories.