Caitlin Clark told Olympic rejection is GOOD for her after whirlwind start to WNBA career with Indiana Fever

Caitlin Clark has been told that her Olympic rejection could be a good thing for her career by former ESPN anchor Jemele Hill.

Her expected omission has been met with widespread dismay and while Hill stopped short of saying she agrees with the call not to take the No 1 pick from this year’s WNBA Draft to Paris, she said it could help Clark overall.

‘Honestly, Caitlin Clark not being on this year’s Olympics team is actually a good thing — FOR HER,’ Hill wrote. ‘In the span of weeks, she went from playing college ball, to becoming a professional, to having a grind of schedule. 

‘A multi-week break probably isn’t the worst thing in the world. She will eventually make an Olympic team.’

The WNBA will go on hiatus from July 18 until August 14 when the Olympics are held in France from July 26 until August 11. 

Caitlin Clark will have a break for nearly a month if she doesn’t play in the Olympic Games

Jemele Hill believes the time to rest could help Clark after a whirlwind 2024 so far

Jemele Hill believes the time to rest could help Clark after a whirlwind 2024 so far 

Hill responded to a fan saying that Clark, 22, will miss out on priceless experience from competing overseas by saying: ‘I think what will happen is that they will get her more international experience, so she can be in the pipeline. 

‘The common thread among all the players selected is that they have considerable international experience. Caitlin doesn’t.’

A different fan said to Hill that leaving Clark at home is ‘a miss from the PR department’ because the excitement around the Indiana Fever player will not be at the same level in another four years.

Hill replied: ‘So if between now and then she won a MVP or a WNBA title … she wouldn’t be as hot?’

Clark scored 30 points on Friday night to propel Indiana Fever to their third win of the WNBA season, beating Washington Mystics 85-83.

Barstool Sports owner Dave Portnoy – an avid Clark fan – took to X to vent his anger on Saturday when it was first reported that she would not be heading to the Games.

‘I don’t know who’s making the decision, Women’s Olympic Committee or whatever it is,’ Portnoy said. ‘I don’t care if you don’t think Caitlin Clark talent-wise belongs on this team, even though she does put up 37 at 13 – the most points in the history of the league for a rookie.

‘None of it matters. These women – and I love women, I’m a pro-women guy – they complain, they cry about equal rights, equal wages, blah blah blah… Hey dummies, for the first time in the history of basketball, you have arguably the player who is the most popular player in the world.

‘You can argue that Caitlin Clark is the most popular, most puts-a**es-in-the-seats, single basketball player in the world. You can argue that. And you leave her off the Olympics team?

‘It’s not only a showcase for her, it’s for the sport and the other WNBA players that are on this team. How dumb, how braindead, how idiotic do the people running this thing have to be? It’s one thing after another with her.’