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Call It Spring! How to choose the perfect Spring sandals before buying

Do you want to wear sandals? With the rising temperature, you’re certainly not alone in thinking about airy footwear. With so many men’s spring sandals in style, which do you choose?

In fact, you may even find that sandals are more comfortable than shoes or sneakers. Many offices now have a “casual” dress code, which means they’re fine with men wearing loafers instead of dress shoes.

So if your office has this kind of policy, then why not consider wearing stylish yet practical sandals?

Memory foam footbeds provide a perfect cushion for walking in sandals. Birkenstock and Skechers sandals are my top choices for healthy Spring and Summer feet. You can’t beat them when wanting to maximize comfort.

With so many options, this guide will point you toward your perfect sandals for the warmer months.

Consider leather, canvas, or suede sandals?

The most common types of material for men’s spring sandals are leather and canvas. Leather looks more formal than canvas does, but it also needs more maintenance because it’s susceptible to rips and tears from heavy use.

A simple inexpensive way to keep leather sandals in shape with a soapy brush and water or cleaned them in a washing machine.

Canvas is easier to maintain than leather is—it’s durable enough that it won’t rip easily unless you do something unusual or overuse the product on an extreme level—so canvas tends to be better suited for everyday use than leather does.

Suede flip flops may have rubber soles for durability and traction. There’s no need to fuss with laces or buckles; slip them on and go!

A well-made pair of suede sandals can provide you with a comfortable, stylish shoe that takes you from day to night and from season to season. Consider your activity when looking at men’s sandals.

When shopping for men’s casual sandals, consider the sole of the shoe. A thick or rugged sole can provide extra support for your feet, especially if you’re walking over rough terrain. Sandals with a slightly raised heel can also be stylish and comfortable.

Crisscross straps or a single wide strap are also good options if you will do a lot of walking in these sandals.

Try on sandals before you buy

Make sure you try on a variety of pairs with the socks or stockings you plan to use them with. Staff at Elevate Your Sole stores will be happy to help you choose your next sandals and advise on the best fit.

Also, be aware that you’ll get a better sense of how they fit while walking around. Elevate Your Sole say it’s best to buy sandals that feel comfortable from the moment you put them on your feet.

You should be able to walk around easily and comfortably without feeling pain or discomfort in any part of your foot—even after wearing them for an extended period of time. Types of sandals for men

Flip flops. Flip-flops are often made of rubber, plastic, foam, or other flexible materials. A popular type of flip-flop is a rubber flip-flop but sometimes leather flip-flops or cloth flips are worn in more formal settings.

Slides. Slides are like flip-flops in two styles: thong and toe post, with a wider front strap generally that keeps your foot in place. This makes them slightly more practical than regular flip-flops.

They also typically feature some sort of padded sole that gives them better support, so they’re much easier to walk around in for extended periods of time (compared with their flip-flop counterparts).

If you’re planning on wearing them at the beach or pool, look for ones that feature a quick-dry material like mesh or neoprene.

Walking sandals. These sandals are great for long walks, hiking, and general outdoor use. They’re also great for travel, especially longer trips that involve a lot of walking. It’s important to remember that these aren’t super-dressy sandals.

Sport sandals. Sports sandals are the best choice if you’re planning to do outdoor activities. They have a thick sole and offer good traction, so they’re great for hiking or walking on rough terrain.

Most sport sandals are made of durable materials and are water-resistant. And since they’re lightweight, they’ll be comfortable all day during your adventures outside.

Popular choices are Ecco and Rieker and for slides, a good choice is Fitflop. Find all these spring sandals here.

Slip-on your warmer season sandals

Go for Birkenstock or Skechers if you want to wear the best comfort on your feet. Select a pair of spring sandals that fit your needs: long walks, short beach walks, or a pair to cover any distance in the warmer months.