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Callision Raises The Stakes Distribution Efforts

Callision Raises The Stakes Distribution Efforts

Callision is a VOIP and telecom service that announced a second round of angel investments for its click-to-call widget.

US companies have the opportunity to instantly feel the impact of Callision. Being capable of connecting in an easy manner with clients using e-commerce, companies can see an overall increase right away.

The goal for Callision at the beginning has always been about upping the levels of interactions between businesses and their customers. Consumers are constantly craving that instant information from a business when they need it.

In order for businesses to deliver, having the right tools makes all the difference.

Callision makes all of that possible.

When a customer clicks on a button from a business\’ website, they can instantly have a conversation with someone from support. Getting answers quickly and efficiently increases the chances of businesses holding onto customers.

Businesses that fail to deliver generally come up short.

Starting out with Callision is made to be simple for all business owners. The installation process is easy, and a button goes onto a website just like a company shares its social media links.

There’s also a variety of tools on the business side of Callision, allowing people to track exactly how customers are finding them.

Everything needs to be trackable with customer acquisition in today’s world. There are a wealth of tools available online, and Callision puts them all in one place. With each incoming call, it can be tracked exactly how the business was found in the first place.

The entire Callison platform on the business side is meant for simplicity.

It’s easy to teach other employees so that there is a seamless transition when accepting calls. A simple microphone can be used like a more complex machine that provides so much information at once.

More informed call receivers make it easier to provide the right answers.

Equipped with more money than ever thanks to the angel investment, Callison has high expectations in the near future to expand in new ways. The business has already grown at a fast rate and now strives to gain more market share in the industry.

More on Callison

Callison is a tech company that offers click-to-call widgets for business owners. With CEO Jay Jideliov leading the way, the startup handles clients from numerous industries around the world. They are currently based out of New York City.

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