Cameron McLeod: See teenage Supercars star’s hilarious response when he’s asked about how he survived 250kmh crash that left fans horrified

  • Cameron McLeod survived horror crash at Wanneroo Raceway
  • Says it was like being in a Matchbox car thrown down stairs
  • Teenager walked away from the accident without serious injuries

Supercars star Cameron McLeod has hilariously shrugged off the terrifying crash at Sunday’s Dunlop series race in Perth that saw his car launched into the air at 250kmh and flip several times.

McLeod, 19, brought the Super2 race to a shuddering halt after his Commodore was clipped by rival Cooper Murray.

The car veered off the track and flipped over in a spectacular high-speed roll, with the severely damaged vehicle eventually coming to rest on the side of the track.

Amazingly, the Brisbane teenager was able to walk away from the accident with barely a scratch.

On Monday morning, McLeod appeared on Sunrise and was asked what it was like to be in a savage car accident at more than 250kmh.

Cameron McLeod somehow walked away from a horror crash (pictured) at Sunday’s Dunlop series race in Perth

‘It feels like you’re a little Matchbox car and a toddler has just pegged you down a flight of stairs,’ he joked.

‘It’s a pretty scary feeling. It’s probably the only way to describe it.

‘It’s probably the biggest shunt I’ve had and I’m just thankful to walk away with the minor injuries I have.’

McLeod has no plans to take a break from the sport and hopes to be back racing again as soon as he can.

‘Hopefully, [I’ll] just forget about it,’ he said. 

‘Hopefully I get back in the car sometime soon. We’ve got Townsville in five weeks. Hopefully I’m all good and the car is all ready to press on.

‘I think there’s plenty of bigger crashes and people have still got back in the car, so I think I’ll be fine in that regard.’

After the race he spoke to Murray and confirmed that there was no bad blood about the shocking incident.

Cameron described the crash as being like a Matchbox car that had been thrown down a flight of stairs by a toddler

Cameron described the crash as being like a Matchbox car that had been thrown down a flight of stairs by a toddler

Murray revealed he was very concerned for his rival after the two made contact on the track. 

‘Obviously it’s unfortunate, you never want to see a car that wrecked,’ Murray said.

‘Coming out of turn six I had overlap on Cameron, so going down the straight he started to squeeze me more and more to the right side of the track while I had the overlap.

‘Then it got to a certain point where I couldn’t turn any more right and he kept turning. I’m a racer at heart, I’m not going to back out, and if I turn him then that’s what happens.’

‘I hope he’s ok, I saw that it was a really big crash when I was watching the replays, so my best wishes to him.’