Can Toddlers and Babies Use Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets are widely popular in the market for inducing sleep for adults. They apply gentle pressure on the body and give you the feeling that you are being held while you sleep. These blankets have a positive effect on the body and help to combat stress and anxiety to a large extent.

Are they ideal for babies?

Most parents have problems putting their babies and toddlers to sleep. It is here that weighted blankets can help them; however, they should never be used for a child who is under a year old. These blankets are made of safe materials that exert gentle pressure on older children to make then fall asleep. They are highly beneficial for nap and bedtimes. Parents should just make sure that they invest in the right size of a weighted blanket that is perfect for their child.

Materials that are safe and gentle for your child

Weighted blankets by top brands are made of materials that are gentle and soft for your child’s skin. They generally weigh between 5-25 pounds. Those children that have sleep issues are greatly benefitted with these blankets. Experts say that children fall asleep faster as these blankets give them the feeling they are hugged and held. They are made of soft cotton and microfiber material for the different seasons. This means you can find products both for summer and winter.

These blankets use deep pressure stimulation to make adults and children fall asleep. Experts say that you should buy a weighted blanket that is approximately 10% of your body weight. The first thing you need to do is be sure of the body weight of your toddler so that you can buy the best weighted blanket for him/her.

Cleaning weighted blankets

Weighted blankets for children can be easily washed at home. You can put them in the washing machine and dry them in the dryer. If you have a weighted blanket for an adult that is more than 20 pounds in weight, it is prudent to give them to commercial cleaning companies for washing.

Buy weighted blankets online

Therefore, if you have a toddler or an older baby that refuses to fall asleep fast, choosing a weighted blanket for him /her is your best solution. Several online websites sell top brands of weighted blankets, and you can easily purchase blankets for babies and kids from them. They sell top brands, and most premium blankets last for a long time. Make sure you check the warranty and compare the prices online so that you land up buying the perfect product for your child with success.

When you are buying a weighted blanket, make sure that you read the product description carefully. You should never buy a very heavy blanket for your child. Check the weight of your child and always purchase the right size. In case of confusion, clarify your doubts with the friendly customer service professionals on good websites so that you face no hassles with your purchase.