Can You Arrange for a No-Cost Bail?

The police can detain and arrest any person on the suspicion for committing a crime. The jury in a court of law decides whether the individual is actually guilty or not. In doing so, they need to examine the evidence and arguments which prosecution present. On top of this, they need to hear the counter-arguments of defense counsel. Only then can they come to a conclusive verdict. However, all this comes at a later stage. The first concern of the defendant and his family members is how to obtain bail. Only then can he/she take the necessary steps to proves his/her innocence. In the process, he/she restores his/her reputation in the eyes of the public as a law-abiding citizen.

What does a defendant need to do to get a private bail bond?

Bail is a sum of money which a defendant pays to the court. He/she promises to appear before the judge and jury throughout the duration of his/her trial. If he/she fails to do so, the judge is within his/her right to forfeit this amount. On top of this, the suspect has to go back behind bars. This is the last thing he/she may want. People need to understand there are three types of bail bonds with the courts accepts. However, the most common is the private version. An individual has to go through the following three important steps to obtain one:

  1. Being aware of the basic requirements of this bond

This is the first thing a defendant needs to do. This individual has got to know how much he/she needs to pay for obtaining bail. The judge determines this figure during the preliminary hearing of his/her lawsuits. Bail bonds Castle Columbus specialists say this official need to consider certain factors while doing so. This includes the seriousness of the offense and the likelihood of the suspect absconding. He/she need to keep in mind whether this person has a previous criminal record. After all, he/she may be a threat to the public if set free.

  1. Choosing a suitable service provider

There are many service providers in the country specializing in paying private bail bonds. These companies hire the top lawyers with a good reputation in the market. The officials of this organization pay the bail amount of the defendant. They charge a nominal remuneration for the services they provide. It is generally 5% to 10% of the amount which the judge decides to set this individual free.

  1. Gather relevant information

The defendants or his/her relatives need to gather certain important information. These include the on what grounds the police detain him/her and booking status. On top of this, they got to give the place where this individual is being held. The suspect needs to provide such details to his/her bail bond service provider. Only then can this vendor do the needful.

Being sent to jail on a false accusation of a crime can come as a shock to any individual. The incarceration can have a devastating effect on mental and physical health. These people find the authorities impose a restriction on their freedom. Fortunately, applying for a private bail bond can help find a way out of this situation. They are in a position to prove their innocence. For this, they got to follow the above three important steps.