Can You Bail Someone out of Jail If They’ve Been Charged with Murder?

If there is one lesson that we’re constantly reminded of when growing up is to avoid trouble at all costs. As an adult, you might find that trouble follows you. Since you’re responsible for your actions, there are repercussions for nearly everything that you. For most people, being arrested will be a scary proposition, especially for murder. You might be a victim of circumstances. You’ll probably be curious if it’s possible to be granted bail for a murder charge. There are so many variables that will come into play and it’s important that you’re aware of them.

What is Bail?

The bail system has been available in North America way before the revolutionary war. It is borrowed from the British common law in which the defendant is allowed to pay a certain amount to be released as they await trial.

The person will need to provide assurance to the court that they’ll dutifully attend all the hearings. There could be other conditions as well depending on the nature of the charge. The judge might deny bail if it’s a homicide, manslaughter, or first-degree murder.

How Much Does Bail Cost For Murder Charges?

There are a couple of charges that can be related to a murder case. It is possible that the defendant is accused of other crimes in addition to murder. Each charge will be treated differently hence different bail amounts. For murder, defendants can expect to pay up to $2,000,000 as bail. A lot of people have found a bondsman here when exploring the options available.

Bail Bonds For Murder

Once the amount is set, the defendant can pay in order to secure their release. If they can’t pay for the amount out of pocket, they can reach out to a bail bonds company to help out with the process. It is the duty of the bail bonds agent to file for the bond while assuring the full corporation of the defendant in the case. In the event that the defendant doesn’t comply or fail to honor the court dates, the bail bonds company will help in locating them.

What Do You Do If You Can’t Afford Bail For Murder?

To the majority of people, it can be difficult to come with the huge amount that will be required as bail. The money will also be embroiled with the whole case which could take a long time to finalize. Even after the case has ended, there will still be processes to be followed in order to get the money back. There are people that will want to post their property as bail but there is a requirement that the value of the property has to be twice the amount of the bail.

How Much Do Murder Bail Bonds Cost?

Just as with other bail bonds, you’ll be required to pay 10% of the total price. This is still a significant amount even though it’s just a fraction of the rate set by the court. There is also the challenge of getting the right company that will be willing to post bail on your behalf. There are companies that will offer a lower rate if you have a private attorney and can pay the amount in full.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bail Bondsman

Since it will be a sensitive issue, you’ll want to look for a bail bonds company that values privacy and confidentiality. It also pays to shop around as getting an agent that is 1% cheaper could potentially mean saving hundreds of dollars. There should be no hidden fees. Make sure that everything is in black and white before you decide to work with the agent.

What If You Can’t Bail?

If you can’t bail and you’ve been charged with murder, there will be no other option but to stay behind bars until the case is complete. The judge can choose to release the defendant on their own recognizance. This is a rare situation but doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t or has never happened. For such cases, there will be a hearing before the bail amount can be set. If you’d like you or a loved one to get out of jail in the shortest time possible, request for the bail bondsman to attend the hearing. The company that you choose should be experienced with such cases. Sometimes staying behind bars could be a viable solution after looking at all the options. There is also the financial burden to worry about.