Can you tell if these pictures were taken in Britain – or abroad?

How’s your geography? Here you can put it to the test.

Below are eight pictures that a survey by outdoor clothing specialist TOG24 presented to 1,000 Britons – to see if they could identify their location. Scroll down and see if you can work out if the pictures were taken in Britain, or abroad. The answers are at the very bottom.

Q1.  Are these:  1) Mountains near Grindelwald, Switzerland 2) Mountains in Uttarakhand, India 3) Mountains in the Cairngorms, Scotland 4) Mountains in Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

Q2. Is this: 1) Dorset, England 2) Corfu, Greece 3) Marsaskala, Malta 4) Los Pericos, Mexico

Q3. Is this:  1) Provence, France 2) The Cotswolds, England 3) Eastern Cape, South Africa 4) Syddanmark, Denmark

Q4. Is this: 1) Mammoth Cave, USA 2) Blue Grotto, Italy 3) Reed Flute Cave, China 4) Gaping Gill, England 

Q5. Is this: 1) Angkor Wat, Cambodia 2) Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland 3) Shell Grotto, England 4) Bhangarh Fort, India

Q6. Is this: 1) Birmingham, England 2) London, England 3) Mountain View, California 4) Chicago, Illinois

Q7. Is this: 1) Tassili n’Ajjer, Algeria 2) Benxi Water Caves, China 3) Grotta Romanelli, Italy 4) Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

Q8 Is this: 1) Matamata, New Zealand 2) Iraty Forest, France 3) Broceliande, France 4) Wistman’s Woods, England

 The Answers

Q1. This is a picture of the mesmerising Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. reveals that it’s home to four of the UK’s five highest mountains – Ben Macdui 4,295ft (1,309m), Braeriach 4,252ft (1,296m), Cairn Toul 4,236ft (1,291m) and Sgor an Lochain 4,127 (1,258m).

In the survey, 73 per cent of those polled got this question wrong, with one in two convinced the photo was taken in Switzerland.

Q2. This picture was taken in beautiful Lulworth Cove in Dorset. In the survey, one fifth of people mistook the location for Corfu.

Q3. This is Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens just south of Burford. In the survey, 30 per cent believed it to be Eastern Cape, South Africa, with only half of Britons getting the answer right.

Q4. This picture was taken in Gaping Gill in North Yorkshire. At 98m (321ft) it’s the largest underground cave chamber in Britain and roomy enough to accommodate a cathedral. In the survey, 36 per cent thought it was the Blue Grotto sea cave in Capri, southern Italy.

Q5. In the survey, one in five thought this was Bhangarh Fort in India and 12 per cent thought it was Angkor Wat in Cambodia. But no, the picture was actually taken in the Shell Grotto in Margate, which contains passageways studded with an estimated 4.6million shells, with cockles, whelks, mussels and oysters. Nobody knows who made the Grade I listed structure, when or why.

Q6. This is Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre, but the image stumped 40 per cent of those quizzed, with 20 per cent of those living in Birmingham itself convinced the picture they were looking at was taken in London. Though 74 per cent of people in Birmingham answered correctly.

Q7. Sixty-four per cent of Scots correctly identified this image as showing Fingal’s Cave on Scotland’s Isle of Staffa, though 52 per cent of those living in Edinburgh got the answer wrong, compared to 25 per cent of Glaswegians. The cave’s distinctive acoustics inspired German composer Mendelssohn to write his Hebrides Overture. 

Q8.  This image shows Wistman’s Wood in Devon’s Dartmoor National Park, which is a magical world of twisted and gnarled ancient trees. 

Mark Ward, from TOG24, said: ‘At TOG24 we love exploring the very best of what the UK has to offer, whether that’s the countryside, coast or cities. And there’s never been a better time than now to get out and experience what’s right on our doorstep.

‘From our research we can see two things. The first is that many of us don’t know how beautiful and picturesque Britain really is. Secondly, the fact that many believed our images to be from far-flung destinations suggests that the UK really can compete with foreign travel. However travel looks this summer, we’re urging people to get out and discover what the UK really has to offer. We promise you won’t be disappointed.’