Canadian 12-year-old basketball player giant stands 2.08m tall

Oliver Rioux is only twelve but he’s a star basketball player and now, a global sensation. 

At 2.08metres, the Canadian preteen stands well above his opponents on the court and has already passed the average for most NBA players, of 2.01metres tall.  

He rose to fame after a video of him smashing his opponents was shared online and within hours, viewed by over 1.25million people. 

Oliver Rioux, 12, has become a global sensation for his height as the 12-year-old kid stands 2.08m high 

The video shows him towering above every other kid on the court and easily scoring goals. 

As the hoop sits at 2.43meters, Rioux doesn’t even need to jump to dunk the ball home for his Frenchy Phenoms basketball team.

The video caused a stir as people debated if it was fair to let him play in the same league as his 12-year-old peers. 

Over twitter, Grind City Media shared the video with their followers and asked them to vote whether they thought it was fair or not.

After almost 100 votes, 13% said it was ”Awesome,’ 39% voted that it was ‘unfair to the other kids,’ and ‘48% voted ‘Get buckets!’ which is a slang term for a dunk.

Over Reddit the debate continued with some users questioning what the point of having an opposing team was. 

Rioux is so tall he doesn't even need to jump to slam dunk the ball in the hoop

Rioux is so tall he doesn’t even need to jump to slam dunk the ball in the hoop

‘My favorite part of this is the defenders who jump to block him…that’s just a waste of a jump,’ wrote one user. 

‘Has this team ever lost a game, literally just give it to this kid under the basket and he literally drops it in the cylinder,’ another wrote. 

‘That’s decent defense when you’re so far up against the odds. Playing him against other 12-year-old’s will only put him backwards,’ wrote another.