Cannabis seeds: a concentrated load of energy

In the course of the cannabis and CBD boom, hemp seeds are also making a real comeback. You can use the cannabis seeds, in principle, like nuts in your kitchen.

Cannabis seeds are unusual for people with chronic diseases because this food contains anti-inflammatory fatty and amino acids. Are hemp seeds a new miracle cure? Certainly not – but their nutrient profile makes them a valuable part of a healthy diet. Inform yourself.

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Do cannabis seeds contain THC?

No, they don’t. It is true that female hemp plants that form the seeds also produce more THC than their male counterparts; however, the intoxicating THC (and CBD) is only found in the flowers, not in the hemp seeds. The cannabis seeds are the perfect food.

Why are cannabis seeds so healthy?

Cannabis seeds contain all essential amino acids, healthy fatty acids, lots of fibre, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

However, it isn’t easy to precisely quantify the amounts of the ingredients. The reason: they fluctuate depending on the variety.

Cannabis seeds composition

Essential amino acids

According to some studies, cannabis seeds contain around 25 per cent protein and usually over 30 per cent oil.

The small balls thus provide about as much protein as meat. It is essential for vegetarians and vegans that hemp seeds contain all essential amino acids (and the protein as a whole has an excellent biological value).

It is rare for a herbal product. Essential amino acid means that humans have to take this building block of proteins with their food because the body cannot make it.

  • A load of proteins

Proteins that we absorb will have many effects and functions in our body.

They provide the raw materials for tissues such as tendons, skin and muscles. Many hormones and enzymes cannot be produced without proteins. Besides, the antibodies of the immune system mostly consist of protein. Essential amino acids are also particularly crucial for older people to counteract muscle breakdown.

Protein from cannabis seeds is much easier to digest than soy protein. For some people with thyroiditis or type 1 diabetes, the protein arginine is essential, for which hemp seeds are an excellent source. Those who ingest a lot of arginine in their food reduce the C-reactive proteins in the body, a marker for inflammation.

  • Anti-inflammatory fatty acids

The fatty acids in hemp seeds can also help reduce inflammation. Hemp seeds contain omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids in a ratio of 3: 1, which is considered the ideal rate for human nutrition.

Cannabis seed gamma-linolenic acid and stearidonic acid (an omega-3 fatty acid) inhibit inflammatory processes in the body by affecting macrophages, the phagocytes of the immune system.

Besides, cannabis seeds and oil from hemp seeds contain numerous secondary plant substances such as flavonoids and phenols. These substances have a strong antioxidant effect in the body.

It means that they render free radicals harmless and thus reduce oxidative stress, which is essential for all people with autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s disease or rheumatoid arthritis

  • Dietary fibre

The high fibre content in hemp seeds should not be neglected. For example, the Finola variety has a total of around 28 g of fibre per 100 g. Dietary fibre not only stimulates the activity of the intestinal muscles and thus prevents constipation. They also feed the intestinal flora.

Like all plants, hemp seeds provide numerous minerals, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron and copper. Among the vitamins, vitamin E stands out with exceptionally high content.

Beware of autoimmune diseases and chronic bowel diseases!

Hemp seeds contain substances that can potentially irritate the intestine and immune systems – such as phytic acid and lectins. Most of these substances are broken down by germination.

These irritants are not a problem for most people, and they are not particularly important in reasonable amounts (10-30g hemp seeds daily). However, experience has shown that autoimmune diseases and those affected by chronic intestinal diseases can generally cause immune reactions in semen. It is because the immune system is severely irritated, and there is often structural damage to the intestinal wall (see Leaky Gut Syndrome ).

We, therefore, recommend those affected to consume germinated hemp seeds first. You can only test small amounts of non-germinated seeds if they are well tolerated. So, you are on the safe side.

The numerous plant substances that reduce oxidative stress are also favourable for people with autoimmune diseases.

The high content of fibre has a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora and the complete digestion.

Products from cannabis seeds and hemp seed oil can be used in many ways in the kitchen, but should not be overheated.

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