Car Owner Check: Why Should I Consider Before Buying A Used Car

The percentage of people getting used cars in Great Britain seems to be quite higher than getting a new one. It clearly shows that the value of the used car market is substantially high simultaneously; the demand for getting them without any future complication is also high.

Although getting a car is a joyful thing, the process of getting any used car without any obstacle is not as easy as you think. As a buyer, you should have a quality number of checklist with you about the vehicle. Some of the major inventory you should go through as a beginner is,

  • MOT history
  • Owner details
  • Written off history
  • Outstanding finance check
  • Stolen record and much more

These include simple to premium checks that are offered by a well-known vehicle checking website car analytics.

Out of all, the previous car ownership plays a vital role in considering a used vehicle. It doesn’t mean that the other checks are a joke, but the previous owner is a preliminary enquiry to investigate to proceed with the purchase of the used car.

What should I know about the previous owner of the car?

Do you think that the used car you are interested in buying doesn’t have any secret history? Of course, the seller will try to conceal all the black marks deliberately about the vehicle and try to fool you.

The very first thing you should go through is the V5C logbook which holds the previous number of owners who handled the vehicle in the past. There are chances that the details might be false, so get an instant car owner check for more information.

Is it easy to get the owner details from the UK registration number?

No, it is impossible and against the law to find who owns the car by the registration number. The DVLA don’t disclose the owner information like any other vehicle information.

It is because; it is illegitimate to reveal someone’s personal information on a public forum. So it is not an easy task to know the owner details as you think. However, you can find ways to get the owner details.

There are ways you can check and know the previous owners of the vehicle for free. Car analytics provides a free car owner check which contains only a limited amount of information about the keeper. When you go for a premium report of keeper’s history, you will come to know the real history of the previous owners that helps you from buying a vehicle with a large number of previous owners.

Is that easy to get the address of the previous owners?

The only thing you can do to get the personal detail of the previous car registration owner is to request the DVLA with a valid reason.

The DVLA does not provide such personal details just because you are going to buy the vehicle, the reason should be logical so that the DVLA may consider your request, but there is no guarantee you will get the details.

What details does the owner details from a vehicle check covers?

As said earlier, you can’t get the owner details either by vehicle check or a registration number. You are supposed to get the car previous owner history from the vehicle check that includes,

  • Number of owners the car had in the past with respect to the V5C.
  • The first date of registration
  • Sometimes the place where it is registered
  • The date when the former owner purchased the vehicle.
  • The date when the former owner sold the vehicle.

Apart from these, there are plenty of checks included in the full vehicle check offered by the car analytics.

What is form V88? Is it necessary?

It is an application form to apply for the people who need to know the specific details of the owner like their name and address from the DVLA since it is not available in any vehicle check across London. It should include

  • What information you need to know from the DVLA
  • The sensible reason to ask for the information
  • The appropriate fees

Is the owner and keeper of the car are the same?

In some cases, the answer is yes, but not everywhere it applies. According to DVLA, the V5C document is not proof of the car’s ownership. Keeper is the person who drives the vehicle in a daily basis and takes care of it also liable for all the traffic offences on the road whereas the owner is the person who has made the payment for the vehicle and legally owns it.

Why is it important to know the previous owners of the car?

Since the number of owners directly affects the value of the car, it is always advised to buy a used car with a less number of previous owners. The service and maintenance, wear and tear of the vehicle are purely dependent on how the car was handled earlier.

If it is maintained under a limited number of owners, then the car is reliable, and the value will be high. The other important factor to consider is the frequent change in the car’s ownership. If it is so, it is better to walk away from the deal.

By knowing the keeper’s history of the car, you can also get an idea of the mileage the vehicle has gone through. Always make sure you run through a complete vehicle check to know every attribute of the car in detail that gives you the fulfilment of owning an asset that is completely yours.

Of course, getting a used car is cost-effective, but always invest your time and intelligence to escape from dodgy sellers and their gimmick practices. Imagine you are going to spend £13,000-£14,000 for a used car that should be a good asset for years. So consider spending £8.99 to carry out a car owner check or the keeper’s history check and get a premium report from car analytics rather being a penny pincher and regretting at the end.